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Stories are given by NPCs requesting the player to complete certain objectives in exchange for Gold, EXP, AP, and item rewards. Also see Category:Stories.

Season 1

Episode 1: The Crimson Blades

Episode 2: Shadow of the Fomor

Episode 3: Piercing the Crescent Moon

Episode 4: King of the Gnolls

Episode 5: The Lost Holy Artifact

Extra Episode: Aodhan

Episode 6: Colhen in Flames

Extra Episode: The Titan

Episode 7: The Second Oracle

Episode 8 Part 1: Not Even if You Kill Us All

Episode 8 Part 2: Not Even If You Kill Us All

Episode 9: The Song of Doom

Episode 10: God Slayer

Epilogue: Memories

Season 2

Episode 1: Coffer Chaser

Episode 2: Twilight Desert

Episode 3: Crossing People (Missing Each Other)

Episode 4:Paradise of Nonbelievers - The Dawn Bringer

Season 3

Chapter 1: Ben Chenner

Prologue: Paradise of Oblivion

Episode 1: Path of the Hero

Episode 2: A Mountain of Ash

Episode 3: Light and Shadow

Episode 4: Crossroads to Ruin

Supplementary Stories

Niflheim Stories

Royal Army Stories

Transformation Stories

Repeated Stories

Equipment Stories

Event Stories

Skill Stories