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Windgun Tab.png
Gwynn (Battle Icon).png
Get results before the father returns. Be sure to investigate everything.
~ Gwynn on Windgun
Battle given by: Gwynn
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Bonus Mission
Battle Points Gained Mission Requirement Gold Gained
10 Equipment destroyed < 3 times 900 Gold (Icon).png
15 Kill 10 Spiders with small bombs (P) 1,200 Gold (Icon).png
20 Defeat Ailliagh with a kick (P) 1,400 Gold (Icon).png
Oath of Honor
Battle Points Gained Mission Requirement EXP Gained
20 Win without repairing armor 8,400 Experience (Icon).png
25 Win without using feathers 9,100 Experience (Icon).png
30 Win with 2 or fewer players 10,200 Experience (Icon).png

Recipes Found

Hoarfrost Depths.png
Location Hoarfrost Depths
Prerequisites Snowman Alert

(At least 100 BP)

Leads to Ocean Scent

(At least 100 BP)

Mission Defeat Crafty Eniloch

(20 BP given)

Time limit 60 minutes
Battle limit No Limits
Minimum level 43
Recommended 48
Mid boss(es) Ailliagh
End Boss(es) Crafty Eniloch
Evil Cores Max: 4
Min: 2
Ability Points (AP) Max: 35 Ability Point (Icon).png
Min: 10 Ability Point (Icon).png
Rewards 3,400 Gold (Icon).png
25,200 Experience (Icon).png


Mid Boss

  • Ailliagh appears in the last cavern of Area 1, Path 2.

Erg Pots

  • There is an Erg Pot in Area 1, Path 3, across the fake floor at the beginning.
  • There is an Erg Pot in Area 2, in the first cavern. Leap off the ledge to reach it.

Ore Deposits

  • There is an Ore Deposit in Area 1, Path 2, partially submerged in the pool in the middle of the first cavern.
  • There is an Ore Deposit in Area 1, Path 3, on a ledge at the end of the rolling spike trap.
  • There is an Ore Deposit in Area 2, in the final room behind the huts.