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Wiki News[edit | edit source]

Below are news which are updated on the wiki. This page is like changelog.

  • The informations at top are the newest.

  • -Uploading wanted files for wiki (Characters Equip).
  • -Completing section Nexon Launcher.
  • -Actualised battle quest from seasson 1 and 2.
  • -Edited characters section. Added informations about character appearance. Category:Characters
  • -New background music added Category:Music.
  • -New list of charaters Category:Beard and Category:Face Tattoo.
  • -New characters stories. List of all there.
  • -Added new Sub Stories, mainly for seasson 3! For more informations visit this page.
  • -Added skills to new character Grimden.
  • -Added new types of hair. Look here.
  • -Added news on the wiki. Now you can get news from facebook, twitter only on the wiki. Also added this changelog.
  • -Added Season 2 and Season 3 battles. Click here to visit all three seasons.