Weapons Expert Flamme

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Weapons Expert Flamme - Gremlin
Skills and Attacks
  • Swings his flamethrower once.
  • Looks around, then releases a fiery explosion and flies backward.
  • Takes a moment to charge, then releases a constant torrent of fire in random directions.
Battle Tips and Advice
  • When Flamme releases a fiery explosion and flies backwards, one can dash in and land a quick combo.
  • After he finishes his torrent of fire, he is vulnerable to attack for several seconds.
  • Staying right behind him for too long can trigger him to turn around and swing his flamethrower.
Additional Notes

Light of Palalas do not affect him.

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Weapons Expert Flamme found in:

Fomorian Base

Weapons Expert Flambe (Concept Art).jpg

Weapons Expert Flamme Concept Art