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Introduction and Information[edit source]

If you're working on templates, then use colors from the Guideline. Also, read the Templates section of the guideline as well. If you're unsure if it's a good template or not, use the IRC and talk to find out our opinions on it.

Remember, anyone can edit this list. If you want to add information but you aren't sure/you're too scared to edit anything, just use the Infodump!

Please italicize finished tasks so that staff members may review them to make sure they're up to standard. To italicize text, add two apostrophes ( ' ) before and after the text.

Wiki Tasks[edit source]

Things to Fix/Add[edit source]

  • Add Miri character base information
  • Add Hurk Teide Skills Information and all Teide Equipment Information, Icons, and Screenshots
  • Add Hurk Teides category within the InfoboxItem Template
  • Replace a large number of missing screenshots from S1 and beyond
  • Check information on item and equipment pages. Make sure the information is up to date, complete and correct in the obtain sections.
  • Check information on skill pages. Make sure the information is up to date, complete and correct.
  • List:Equipment Sets Light armor section, Pirate Set does not link to Pirate Set and Deep Maze row has material list in "Obtained from" column.
  • Add Season 2 stories and dialogue.
  • Edit/correct the Season 3 story dialogue pages.
  • Add Outfitter items and create Lists for Outfit Armor.
  • Create a page for a list of Waking Stones similar to Bracelets.
  • Add a section for Waking Stone possibilities to skill pages.
  • Add all new enemy pages for Season 2 and Season 3.
  • Update drop tables.
  • Season 3
    • Add battle pages
    • Add missing equipment
    • Add missing drop items
    • Add missing equipment sets
    • Add/fix story pages

Layout Change[edit source]

Discussions[edit source]

What needs to be discussed, since we obviously can't decide on our own! Use the talk page if you're going to put opinions on this.