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Wiki News[edit source]

Curse recently installed the Semantic Media Wiki extension for us. Thanks to this extention we can implement simplified templates that have been mostly just a dream until now. Many templates have already been updated including {{Infobox item}}, which is replacing the older {{Item}} and {{Equipment}} templates, and {{Infobox NPC}}, which is replacing {{NPC Page}}.

The main project for the wiki is to update templates to be cleaner by using SMW to remove our complicated transclusion system and removing full page templates in favor of infoboxes and more standard wiki article formats.

Pages that need to be updated to the new formats are listed at Category:Pages using old templates. While updating pages it might be helpful to also check their content for Ignition and Season 2 updates. If for some reason you don't have updated information available to verify the content then you can add {{Ignition}} to the top of the reformatted page.

Completed Pages[edit source]

  • Battle Scythes have been updated to the new item format, but their information should be verified for Ignition and Season 2.
  • Most of the NPC's are updated to the infobox format however their shop, and craft shop sections may need to be updated.
  • Armorsmithing has been updated to include sets up to Lynn and S2E3, but information on low lever Season 2 sets that have been removed should be verified.
  • Arisha's Spellsword Skills have been updated but the skill summary for each skills needs to be added and verified.
  • Yellow-bellied Ewynsoch has been updated to the new format, but his stats still need updating.
  • Updated Dismantling to reflect the May 20th, 2015 update that changed its mechanics, but need to confirm if prices changed, and if the resulting items changed any.

Projects[edit source]

Vindictus Wiki:To-Do List
A general list of things that need doing. (This project should be updated to include general activities that new users can use as a starting point)
Vindictus Wiki:September Content Update (Ignition) and Vindictus Wiki:Season 2 Update
Lists of what has and has not been updated with Septemper's Ignition Update and Season 2.

Curse wiki staff[edit source]

Kittymmeow talk  •  contribs

Community administrators[edit source]

LocalAdmin talk  •  contribs
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