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If you want to talk to me, you can contact me via:

or you can write on my email if you want:

I want to create Vindictus more popular using adding content to this wiki because the developers of the Vindictus doesn't have any attempts to make it. I added new content for almost one year. This is a long time and takes too much time to create something new. After one year, I decided to stop support this awful game. The game itself is not bad, but the developers make it awful. The time I invest in this wiki I could make some money or create own games, which I tried on my own.

The last thing, I fully support all changes on the wiki but I don't play anymore the game.

Equipment Images

/* Cold Traces */ - Quest /* Abyssal Arena? /* The Papal Inquisitor /* Rank and File

/*Soft_Explorer_Pants Sonic Blade