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Twilight Desert

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For battle quest, see Twilight Desert (Battle).

Description[edit source]

Twilight Desert is the third area of Malina's Battle Quests. The Ancient Kingdom was once bustling with life – homes glowed with the light of oil-burning torches, colorful bazaars stretched across the city square, and hardworking citizens crowded the streets. Now, all that’s left in the wake of the rebellion against a tyrant king consumed by power is a dry, barren region devoid of even the faintest flicker of life. Explore Twilight Desert to discover what triggered the downfall of this once-majestic Kingdom.

Twilight Desert
[edit source]

Twilight Desert.png

Luminary Trees[edit | edit source]

Scattered around the Twilight Desert map are Luminary Trees and Special Luminary Trees. These can be gathered from with the Gathering expertise.

Twilight Desert Concept Art[edit | edit source]

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