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DevCAT Face (Icon).png This article includes content which has been removed from the game.

Some or all of the following content has been removed from Vindictus by Nexon. The Token system was removed on March 27th, 2011.

The Token system is a way of limiting the amount of high level dungeons you can do. Tokens are required to enter all dungeons after the Perilous Ruins (entire first boat EXCEPT Trampled Plains) and are collected while on the boat. Players start with the maximum of 50 Silver Tokens, which are fully replenished every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday at 11am PST(2pm EST). Other ways to get tokens include obtaining Seals of Dedication or Enjoyment, or buying Platinum/Crimson Tokens (see below). Tokens must always be paid for Hero Mode.

Running many instances in a single day will cause the number of tokens required to rise. For example, Battle Quests normally cost 2 tokens, but the cost rises to 3 after the 7th run, and to 4 after the 13th. This count resets once a day at 9am PST (12pm EST).

Tokens are not deducted as soon as you start a mission, so losing or disconnecting will not necessarily cost you tokens. Tokens are typically deducted when you kill a boss and mini boss encounters before the final boss don't apply. The exception to this are dungeons with either one map, or all the midbosses appear on the last name. For example, in Blood Prince, there are four bosses: The Red Bearer, The Reaper, The Blood Drinker, and The Blood Prince. The moment you kill The Red Bearer, the token cost is deducted. For more information on this, please see The Ferryman of Vindictus.

Every player in a party has to pay the tokens to enter a dungeon. However, a player may pay the cost for other party members. The tokens are flagged as paid by another player, and are deducted even if the bosses are not defeated.

Methods to Obtain Tokens[edit | edit source]

Seal of Dedication[edit | edit source]

Players may exchange 40 Seals of Dedication for 10 Silver Tokens in the recurring quest Seal Exchange once per day. Players may obtain Seals of Dedication in 2 different ways:

  1. Reviving an incapacitated party member will grant the reviver one Seal of Dedication.
  2. Running a Battle Quest with at least one party member who is 10 or more levels lower will grant a player one Seal of Dedication.

Seal of Enjoyment[edit | edit source]

The second way to receive tokens is through attaining many Seals of Enjoyment. A player must have 80 Seals of Enjoyment to receive 10 tokens. Seals may be obtained from fishing or PvP; in PvP, Seals of Enjoyment are granted to all participants, rather than just victors.

Platinum Tokens[edit | edit source]

The third way is to buy Platinum Tokens from the cash shop; these can also be obtained during some events. Dungeons always cost 1 Platinum Token, unlike Silver Tokens. Platinum Tokens give a 50% increase to combat experience and an additional 10 Luck. In addition, there is no limit on how many Platinum Tokens a player can carry.

Crimson Tokens[edit | edit source]

The fourth method is to purchase Crimson Tokens from the cash shop or marketplace. Similar to Platinum Tokens, dungeons only cost 1 Crimson Token. Unlike Platinum Tokens, Crimson Tokens can be traded, but do not give any bonuses.

Note: Only NX Prepaid can be used to purchase Crimson Tokens for any character below level 30. NX Credit is available from level 30 or above.