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Title Type Description Requirements STR AGI INT WIL HP
Black Hammer Smasher Boss The Warlord Black Hammer does not fall easily... Defeat Black Hammer in Rescue 2 times. STR+8 AGI+8 INT+8 WIL+8 -
Kakrish Crusher Boss Somewhere on the Lost Road, Commander Kakrish preys on unwary warriors...unless stopped. Defeat Commander Kakrish in Lost Road 2 times. STR+6 AGI+6 INT+6 WIL+6 -
Larken Conqueror Boss What is Larken's connection to all this? Maybe a direct application of force will produce answers. Defeat Raiding Party Captain Larken in The Contract 2 times. STR+2 AGI+3 INT+2 WIL+3 -
The Titan Slayer Boss They said Titan was unstoppable. Prove them wrong! Defeat Titan in The Giant 2 times. STR+4 AGI+5 INT+4 WIL+5 -