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Title Type Description How to Obtain
Fruit-Finding Friend Story Finding fruit around here is quite a stretch, but Krunk could use the help. He can count on you, right? Reward for completing Sweet and Good For You.
Herb-Picking Pal Story Finding herbs isn't as easy as it sounds, but your friend Brakis needs your help. Hopefully it's for a good cause... Reward for completing Bitter But Good For You.
Rocheste Warrior Story The leaders of Rocheste reward those who prove themselves on the fields of Fobellow Prairie. Reward for completing The Spinning Wheel.
Snow White Story True, genuine friends are hard to find. If you find someone with such pure concern for others, honor their compassion. Reward for completing Value of a Gift.
Trustworthy Story Nothing is quite so satisfying as keeping a promise to the end. Nel must be pleased. Keep Nel's secret during Promise with Nel.
Untrustworthy Story If you break Nel's promise...well, better make sure she doesn't find out! Don't keep Nel's secret during Promise with Nel.