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Title Type Description How to Obtain
Ainle's Tragedy Rememberer Chapter Completion A title reserved for those who have completed all battle quests in Ainle. The tragedy of Ainle will forever be remembered. Complete all of the battle quests in Ainle
Clodagh's Trusted Confidant Story Clodagh's really taking a liking to all kinds of Vampire Robes. Just don't tell her where you got them... Complete the story Clodagh's Talent
Explorer of Truth Story This title is reserved for those that help Gwynn investigate who's trying to stop Morrighan's arrival. Complete the story Silent Brotherhood
Friend of Ceara Story Ceara is very fond of plate armor. Perhaps she would enjoy Formorian plate armor as a gift? Complete the story The Beauty of Metals
Hand Bone Collector Story Shayla thinks a Vampire hand bone could be valuable. Complete the story Broken Bone Collector
Queen's Assailant Story A title reserved for those who've met the Spider Queen, leader of giant spiders.Why did she appear here, and where did she disappear to? Complete the story The Rumors and the Memory
Sword Sheath Collector Story A title reserved for those who bring Leather Sheaths to Ferghus at the Forge. Complete the story Collecting Sheaths
Truth Seeker Story What is truth? To find out, you must have people's trust. To earn people's trust, do favors for them. Complete the story Reinvestigation