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Title Type Description Requirements STR AGI INT WIL HP
Shard Surgeon Skill Those things are super sharp. Defeat 300 enemies with Phantom Shards. - AGI+2 INT+1 -
Pew Pew Pew Skill You're basically an automated dagger-throwing machine. Defeat 100 enemies with Phantom Shooter. - - INT+1 WIL+1 -
I AM a Little Dizzy Skill So much spin--*hurk* Defeat 300 enemies with Cyclone Edge. - - INT+2 - -
Broken Hearted Skill The Phantom Shards are your only friends. Defend 100 times with Phantom Shards. - AGI+1 - WIL+1 -
Dance Sensation Skill You fight like you're auditioning for Erinn's Next Top Dancing Guy. Defeat 300 enemies with Cyclone Crash. - - INT+3 WIL+2 -
Electrifying Performer Skill Stay alive long enough to watch my moves! Defeat 100 enemies with Spectral Sting. - - INT+2 WIL+2 -
Psychedelic Summoner Skill It's, like, totally a bunch of magic, dude. Defeat 300 enemies with Cyclone Saw. - AGI+3 - WIL+1 -
Fry Cook Skill You just got cooked. Defeat 500 enemies with Phantasmic Slash. - AGI+1 INT+3 - -
Psychic Boxer Skill Punch, punch, it's all in the mind. Defeat 300 enemies with Illusion Fist. - AGI+1 INT+3 WIL+2 -
Astral Physicist Skill Who needs a real body? Defeat 100 enemies with Infinity Requiem. - AGI+2 INT+3 - -