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Title Type Description Requirements STR AGI INT WIL HP
Impenetrable Skill You defended yourself just in the nick of time. Successfully defend 200 times with Eclipse. STR+2 - - WIL+2 -
Cosmic Flower Skill If you don't reach for the stars, then who will? Defeat 300 enemies with Starbloom. STR+1 AGI+2 - - -
Moonshiner Skill Send 'em to the moon! Defeat 500 enemies with Active: Full Moon. - AGI+3 - Wil+1 -
Lunatic Skill You don't understand the meaning of "excessive force." Defeat 300 enemies with Lunar Assault. STR+2 - - - -
I Want to Be a Planet Skill Does it hurt? Good. Defeat 300 enemies with Falling Comet. - AGI+1 - WIL+1 -
Thrust Master Skill Out of my way! Coming through! Defeat 200 enemies with Ion Thrust. STR+3 AGI+1 - - -
Faster than Light Skill The more you spin, the more they die. Defeat 300 enemies with Rising Comet. STR+1 - - WIL+1 -
I Have Fury Skill If you hit someone as hard as you can, you'll always get what you want. Defeat 300 enemies with full Wild Star. STR+3 - - WIL+2 -
Kissing the Sky Skill What goes up must stay up. Defeat 500 enemies by launching them. STR+3 AGI+2 - - -
Star Killer Skill What a cool way to die! Defeat 100 enemies with Supernova. STR+3 AGI+1 - WIL+2 -