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Title Type Description Requirements STR AGI INT WIL HP
Battlefield Dream Skill You used Counter Drain 100 times. You are a mana wielding bad ***! Use Active: Counter Drain in battle 100 times. - AGI+1 INT+3 -
Cosmic Beauty Skill You defeated 100 enemies using Diffusion Warp. You are all over the battlefield! Defeat enemies with Diffusion Warp 100 times. - AGI+3 WIL+1 -
Silver Shadow Skill You used Mana Tracer 200 times. No enemy can escape you! Use Active: Mana Tracer in battle 200 times. - - INT+1 WIL+2 -
Silver Streak Skill You used Ruin Blade 100 times and ruined 100 monsters' days. Use Active: Ruin Blade in battle 100 times. - AGI+1 INT+2 WIL+2 -
Tactician Skill You used Resonance 100 times. You never miss and you never forgive. Use Active: Resonance in battle 100 times. - AGI+2 INT+3 - -
Time Master Skill You used Temporal Shift 100 times. You truly rule the mana scene. Use Active: Temporal Shift in battle 100 times. - - INT+3 WIL+2 -