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Title Type Description Requirements STR AGI INT WIL HP
Bark Basher Boss Bark No.1 destroyed. Defeat Bark No. 1 (P) 0/5 STR +4 AGI +4 INT +4 WIL +4 -
Call for Revenge Boss You've defeated Vengeful Langro 100 times. Now, you can change the very form of your body. Defeat Vengeful Langro (P) 0/100 STR +1 AGI +1 INT +1 WIL +1 -
Defeated Masaka Boss You defeated Crazy Masaka. Defeat Masaka (P) 0/5. STR+3 AGI+3 - - -
Defeated Muspell Boss A title reserved for those who've defeated Steel Muspell. Defeat Muspell (P) 0/5. - - INT +3 WIL +3 -
Reckless Bomber Boss I threw some bombs at Juggernaut while he was recharging. Bombs on me. Juggernaut, he's just... Disturbed Juggernaut's Recharge 50 times (P) 0/50. STR+2 - INT+2 WIL+3 -
Dead Battery Boss You threw bombs to stop the Juggernaut from recharging. All those bombs, and you only stopped it from recharging... Disturbed Juggernaut's Recharge 30 times (P) 0/30. - - - WIL+2 -
Flight Time Boss Getting blown away is pretty fun, right? I wonder if your teammates notice that you're getting hit in purpose. Defeat Chiakal (P) 0/25. - AGI+1 - WIL+1 -
Gonna Hurl Battle Even on solid ground, you feel wobbly and dizzy. You might have been in the Mining Cart too long... Complete the Charles Expedition 50 times (P) 0/50. - AGI+1 - WIL+1 -
Rattled Battle You can now mine Ergs with your eyes closed. The rattling Mining Cart has become a part of your life. Complete the Charles Expedition 100 times (P) 0/100. STR+1 AGI+1 INT+1 WIL+5 -
Hate Drill Boss You have started hearing hallucinations. Is that... a drill you hear in town? Defeat Drill Rant (P) 0/25. STR+1 - INT+1 - -
Juggernaut Vanquisher Boss Juggernaut defeated. Defeat Juggernaut (P) 0/5. STR+4 AGI+4 INT+4 WIL+4 -
Kneel Before Me Boss You have met an enemy who keeps kneeling. Maybe you should greet that monster with a smile next time. Defeat Surtr (P) 0/25. STR+1 - - WIL+1 -
Master Scrapper Boss Bark No. 1 has been dismantled again and again. Perhaps you should write a manual on the process. Destroy the part of MK1 50 times (P) 0/50. STR+2 - INT+2 WIL+3 -
No. 2 Boss Dismantling is one thing. But can you reassemble it? ...You get the feeling that you'd end up with unused parts. Destroy the part of MK1 100 times (P) 0/100. STR+2 - INT+2 WIL+3 -
Not Playing Around Boss Whenever you see a ball, you start running toward it without knowing why. ...Now you're not even sure why you have to fight in this battle. Defeat Ghireal (P) 0/25. STR+1 - INT+1 - -
Restless Wings Boss You can't stay still whenever you see a wing. Destroy the Winged Gremlin Boss's Wings (P) 0/50. - AGI+1 INT+1 - -
Something Honored Boss You've met an enemy whom you find more and more pathetic every time you meet them. Should you reach out to that enemy? Defeat Morgue (P) 0/25. - AGI+1 - WIL+1 -
Trampled on Xaehawk Boss Xaehawk wanted you to treat him with love and care. ...You treated Xaehawk well in your own way. Defeat Xaehawk (P) 0/50. STR+1 AGI+1 INT+1 WIL+1 -