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Title Type Description Requirements STR AGI INT WIL HP
Callidus Annihilator Boss Defeated Callidus, the blind wood elf swordsman. You beat up a blind guy. Good for you. Defeat Callidus 5 times (P) 0/5 STR+2 AGI+2 INT+2 WIL+2 -
Carpenter Boss You aren't even the least bit afraid of the wood elves.
You're thinking about whittling some spoons out of them.
Defeat 1000 Wood Elves 0/1000 - AGI+1 - WIL+1 -
Regina Suppressor Battle Quest Defeated Regina, the wood elf queen. Even royality kneels before your might. Stop Regina 5 times (P) 0/5 STR+2 AGI+2 INT+3 WIL+2 -
Queenslayer Battle Quest Completed battle quest Garden of Tears 50 times. Stop Regina 50 times (P) 0/50 STR+4 - INT +6 - -