Tieve's Request

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Tieve's Request Req. Level: 41
You must have completed the story "A Peaceful Place".
Tieve (NPC).png Tieve (NPC).png
Starts with Tieve Ends with Tieve
Steps to Completing:
1. Talk to Tieve at the Inn.
2. Find a Giant Spider Egg in Hidden.
3. Talk to Tieve at the Inn.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 4,000 Gold (Icon).png 54,900 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png
Title (Icon).png   Title
Spider Protector
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Stories Unlocked:

Story Dialogue
Visit Tieve.
Tieve (NPC Icon).png Tieve

Excuse me, <Fiona>.

I heard that you found some giant spiders in the Ruins of Sanctity.
Are they the same kind as the one at the bell tower that day?

(You tell her that you think so, and she closes her eyes, pained.)
To this day, I can still hear his cries.

"Help me! Save me! Something's not right. I'm scared, so scared,
and so, so alone." He was pleading for my help...and I let him die.

(Tieve looks at you, her eyes filled with tears.)
I couldn't show Aodhan, Marrec, or Ceara how upset I was...

But I still hate myself for letting it happen. Maybe... Maybe this is
my chance to make up for my failure?

Can you bring me one of those Giant Spider Eggs? I want to
look after it, raise it. And in doing so, atone for the past.

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You discovered the title: Spider Protector.
Find a Giant Spider Egg in Hidden and deliver it to Tieve.
Tieve (NPC Icon).png Tieve

This egg...

If the player chooses to "Keep" the Giant Spider Egg:

Tieve (NPC Icon).png Tieve


If the player chooses to "Give" the Giant Spider Egg to Tieve:

Tieve (NPC Icon).png Tieve

This egg...

(Tieve takes the egg from you, her eyes filled with hope.)
Thank you, <Fiona>.

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Delivered [[Giant Spider Egg|Giant Spider Egg]]
Tieve (NPC Icon).png Tieve

I won't let any harm come to this precious life, not ever!
Oh, I have something to give you.

It's a token of my appreciation for giving me this chance.
Let me go grab it.

(Tieve places the egg on the table and heads upstairs.)

Gallagher (NPC Icon).png Gallagher

(Suddenly, Gallagher appears. He looks unusually serious.)
Don't tell Tieve, <Fiona>, or I'll hurt you.

(Gallagher grabs the egg and exits.)

Tieve (NPC Icon).png Tieve

(Tieve returns, smiling.)
Here you go!

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Reward: Silver Ore
Tieve (NPC Icon).png Tieve

This ore is supposed to be fairly precious. It's used for weapons and
armor, right? I got it from someone I knew long ago. It's yours now!

(Tieve turns to grab the egg, but it's gone.)

Tieve (NPC Icon).png Tieve

Hey... Where'd the egg go? I swear, I left it right here!

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You received the title: Spider Protector.
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You learned the Story: Will be Forgotten Someday.