Third Secret Box

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Third Secret Box.png
Third Secret Box
Sell Price 0 Gold (Icon).png
A box that can be purchased from the Traveler once a day.

- AP 30 Capsule (Gift)
- Shining Traveler Ticket
- One of many other items

You may even get a special necklace or part of an outfit if you're lucky!
Untradeable (Icon).png
This item cannot be traded.

How to Obtain[edit | edit source]

Possible Rewards[edit | edit source]

Icon Name
Blue Kitty Necklace.png
Blue Kitty Necklace
Kitty Necklace.png
Kitty Necklace
Packaged Featherweight
Fists of Steel.png
Packaged Fists of Steel
Packaged Lightfoot
Red Kitty Necklace.png
Red Kitty Necklace
White Kitty Necklace.png
White Kitty Necklace
Icon Name