The Unfinished Commission

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The Unfinished Commission
Req. level
Starts with Kean
Appearance Season 2, ep. 2
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99,500 Experience (Icon).png 47,000 Gold (Icon).png
No Previous stories
No further stories

Unlocked by[edit | edit source]

NPCs Involved[edit | edit source]

Steps to Completing[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Kean at the Coffer Chasers Guild.
  2. Talk to Milo.
  3. Obtain Buoy Bunch in Bouy Hunt and then talk to Enzo.
  4. Obtain 5 Light Erg Crystals and one Crescent Moon Island Power Crystal or Ship Graveyard Power Crystal or Twilight Desert Source and bring it to Enzo.
  5. Complete battle quest Throw! and talk to Rhea.

Stories Unlocked[edit | edit source]

Story Dialogue[edit | edit source]