The Scale-Covered God

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The Scale-Covered God
Req. level
Starts with Enzo
Appearance Season 2, ep. 1
Type {{{type}}}
99,500 Experience (Icon).png 45,000 Gold (Icon).png
No Previous stories
No further stories

Unlocked by[edit | edit source]

NPCs Involved[edit | edit source]

Steps to Completing[edit | edit source]

  1. Talk to Enzo at the Magic Shack in Malina.
  2. Talk to Milo at the Lookout Tower in Malina.
  3. Obtain Zaka's Troll Document, Kaula's Troll Document, Kielu's Troll Document from Crescent Moon Island.
  4. Deliver the Troll Documents to Enzo at the Magic Shack in Malina.
  5. Defeat Lakoria in Battle Quest A Ruler's Refuge and talk to Milo when the battle ends.

Stories Unlocked[edit | edit source]

Story Dialogue[edit | edit source]

{{Collapsible|title=Talk to Milo after defeating Lakoria in Raid Battle A Ruler's Refuge.|content=Return after completing Battle Quest A Ruler's Refuge.

Milo (NPC Icon).png Milo

<Miri>! Are you alright?

Deniz (NPC Icon).png Deniz

I hope that our spears were helpful.
My tribe can no longer live in fear of God.

We will control our fates.
You humans have taught us good lesson.

You are heroes to all trolls.

Milo (NPC Icon).png Milo

Aww, nah. We just wanted to help.
We'll be around whenever you need us, Deniz.

<Miri>, I think we need to make a trip to the
Ship Graveyard now, don't you?

There's a devil waiting out there...