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Due to the recent repeal of the token system, this page is no longer relevent. It will be kept for the sake of archiving, and in case the token system comes back.

Introduction[edit | edit source]

The Ferryman is a mysterious man, woman, or thing, that we've never actually seen, but all know exists. He is the one who ferries us to our dungeons, and accepts payment in the form of Silver, Crimson, and Platinum Tokens. It seems, however, his has some very strange rules about when he will take your tokens, and when he will not. This small guide will explain when and where he will take your tokens.

-Edit- The token system has been taken out of Vindictus

How Boat Trips Work[edit | edit source]

The Basics of the Boat[edit | edit source]

In order to reach the battlefield, you must take a ride with the Ferrymen who will sail you to your location. In the beginning, for all trips for levels 9 and down, the Ferrymen will sail you to your location free of charge. Once you reach the Hoarfrost Hollow and beyond, however, he will demand a certain amount of payment in Silver, Crimson, or Platinum Tokens.

For the first 7 trips, he will charge you 2 Silver tokens per ride. The next 6 trips will cost 3 silver tokens each. And finally, every trip afterward will cost you 4 Silver Tokens each. If you happen to have them available, you can use Crimson Tokens and Platinum tokens, which will always amount to 1 token per ride. Another nifty tidbit about these two tokens is that they will not increase the counter for boat trips you've taken for the day. This also applies to any free rides. If neither you, nor a party member, paid for your trip with Silver Tokens, the counter will remain where it is.

You may also wonder what the difference is between Crimson Tokens and Platinum Tokens, if only 1 of either is required to ride a boat. Crimson Tokens cost less NX than Platinum Tokens, and are able to be traded on the Marketplace. Platinum Tokens, cost more and cannot be traded on the Marketplace, but they give a 50% boost to Combat Experience, and 10 LUK for the trip.

How the Token Deduction System Actually Works[edit | edit source]

If you pay attention to your token count, you'll notice that, even though you paid however many tokens for a battle, it does not change once you begin the level. The reason for this is the Ferryman will only take your tokens once you've completed an important objective in the battle. This is often just the act of defeating a boss. To be more specific, however, this only applies if you defeat a boss within a set of objective bosses.

A simple example of this can be illustrated in a single-boss mission like Brynn's Research. The objective boss set only includes a single boss: Robust Echeloch. If you defeat him, your battle is over, and the Ferryman will take the tokens you paid with on the boat. Another interesting note is that within Brynn's Research, you will sometimes encounter another boss: Eflame. If you take notice, however, you'll see that even by defeating him, you will not lose tokens. This is because he is not a boss within the set of objective bosses.

A more complicated example would be Another Slingshot. In this mission, there are 3 bosses total: Eflame, Jolly Ebeloch, and Brother Ebeloch. Of these 3, 2 of them are part of the objective boss set. If you kill either Jolly Ebeloch or Brother Ebeloch, your tokens will be deducted. So as a result, it can be detrimental if you happen to defeat Jolly Ebeloch, and your whole party dies to Brother Ebeloch, or you happen to disconnect after defeating Jolly Ebeloch. This means you lost your tokens, your boat trip counter increases by 1, and you gain no AP for the mission.

Battles, Bosses, and Objectives[edit | edit source]

I will only list the battles that require tokens. Bold names are bosses that take your tokens when beat. Underline names are bosses that always show up. And Italic names are bosses that randomly appear.

Perilous Ruins[edit | edit source]

Trampled Plains

Werewolf x2, Werewolf x2, Black Breeze

Hoarfrost Hollow[edit | edit source]

Hoarfrost Hollow

Cunning Etunoch

Southern Rock Cliff

Speedy Ekuloch, Loud Etunoch

Western Ice Passage

Eflame, Jolly Ebeloch

Meet the Cave Spider

Red Soldier Spider x2

Another Slingshot

Eflame, Jolly Ebeloch, Brother Ebeloch

Final Slingshot

Eflame, Jolly Ebeloch, Brother Ebeloch, Big Brother Ebeloch

Fomorian Order

Fake Speedy Ekuloch x2, Speedy Ekuloch

Frost Stones

King Icedredge x3, Quiremigal

Brynn's Research

Eflame, Robust Echeloch

Source of the Rumor

Feeble Ebeloch, Constipated Big Brother, Feeble Ebeloch, Constipated Big Brother, Hemorrhoidal Older Brother

Kobold Chief

King Icedredge x3, Loud Etunoch, Sturdy Emuloch

Dethrone the White Tyrant

Giant Polar Bear

Prepare for Counterattack

Jolly Ebeloch, Shrewd Ekuloch, Cunning Etunoch, Robust Echeloch, Sturdy Emuloch

Culprit Behind the Disturbance

Eflame, Strong Ekelch

Spider Overload

Red Soldier Spider, Soldier Spider, Gloomy Soldier Spider x4, Gloomy Echapelch

White Tyrant's Challenge

Giant Polar Bear

Ainle[edit | edit source]

A Town Engulfed

Servant of Twilight

Hell Beyond the Door

Servant of Hell, Information Chief Kalis

Ellis's Trust

Servant of Twilight, Servant of Hell

Wake Up Call

Servant of Hell, Information Chief Kalis

Friend or Foe

The Ashen

Piercing the Crescent Moon

The Ashen, The Red Bearer

Ulchas's Relic

Greed, The Blood Drinker

Dead End Street

Information Chief Kalis, (The) Reaper

Being From the Other World

The Ashen, The Gravedirt, The Knight

Blood Prince

The Red Bearer, (The) Reaper, The Blood Drinker, The Blood Prince

The Unveiling Truth

The Ashen, The Gravedirt, Servant of Hell, Information Chief Kalis, The Red Bearer, Greed, The Knight

Regrets... Too Late

The Moonchopper, The Spark

Shadowed by Darkness

Blood Lord

Prairie Entrance & Ruins of Sanctity[edit | edit source]

Prairie Entrance

Nine Fingers

Red Archer

Red Centinel x4

Prairie Gnoll

Argontel, Dim Gray

Hunter at the Ruins

Red Centinel x4, Singleshot

Ruins of Sanctity

Argontel, Everwhite, Rampage

The Five Spider Brothers

White Soldier Spider, Red Soldier Spider, Black Soldier Spider, Striped Soldier Spider, Soldier Spider

Gnoll King, Ruler of the Ruins

Dim Gray, Everwhite, Giant Toad x2, Black Scar


Giant Toad x2, Striped Soldier Spider, Red Soldier Spider, Black Soldier Spider, Soldier Spider, Red Soldier Spider, Goliath

The Fleeing Gnoll King

Black Scar


Giant Spider

Nightmare In The Ruins

White Soldier Spider, Red Soldier Spider, Black Soldier Spider, Striped Soldier Spider, Soldier Spider, Ailliagh, Giant Spider, Thorn Laghodessa