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If Vitality ES drops in any mode, why not post it under Normal and Hero section?

It is kind of redundant to have it listed twice. If a scroll can drop in normal mode or hard mode, it can automatically drop in hero mode. Same goes with other normal drops. Some scrolls are hero mode only, usually the r9/r8 ones and some rA, like valor and bloodlust. If we were to list every drop in normal mode also under the hero mode section, it'd just add an unnecessary amount of duplicate items and make it harder to see what is actually unique to hero mode. There are some scrolls listed under hero mode that can actually drop in normal and hard mode, but unless someone either provides proof or specifically says what mode they got it in, chances are they'll have been running hero mode by default and got the scroll. For Vitality and The Flicker, I did some runs on hero mode first. I received the scroll and updated the page. Later on I did a run on normal for another character and also got Vitality, so I opted to correct the page.
There are no scrolls or items that only drop in normal or hard mode and not in hero mode, with the exception of gauntlet tickets. Those are hard mode only. --Masqtalk 14:17, 09 May 2012 (UTC)