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Based on this video (Fighting Starts around 1:05~ in the video) I conclude that the Blood Lord uses 9~? different attacks:

  • Blink-like movements to get closer to you
  • Gliding Fury, Lightning Fury, and 5-Consecutive Gliding Furies
  • Flies up and shoots fireballs in random spots in a circular manner around himself
  • Rapid Slashes in place
  • Forward slash (If hit, causes Flames from Another World buff)
  • Slash from Above
  • An attack similar to a flamethrower
  • a 2-hit slash

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I generally overhauled the entire page. I felt a lot of the language was vague or was not wikifficial sounding. Feel free to make other improvements, though. --Tamaki 01:17, 31 January 2011 (UTC)

Information Dump[edit source]

This section seems a little too amateurish. There's too much information for such little space. In addition to that, the Battle Tips and Advice has way too much info. Most of it is redundant, even false. So I'm dumping info here.

Blood Lord has 3 attacks, 7 smashes, and 4 passive movements.


  • Forward Slash (Right), followed by an upwards thrust (Left)
  • Sideways Slash (Left), resulting in the Blood Lord to turn 90 degrees counter-clock-wise
  • Blink, Only does damage if a player is directly beside or inside of the Blood Lord after he teleports.


  • Stationary 5-Slashes
  • Mobile 5-Slashes, Blood Lord will always end up at 2 O'Clock from where he started (given the player is looking at his face when he starts this attack and a Fiona is not using Heavy Stander with a Large Shield.) He will always follow this attack with a roar.
  • Right Thrust (Right)
  • Fire Lunge
  • Flame Breath, Has 2 hit timers, can change direction once, body gets enveloped in flames, making contact very dangerous.
  • Meteor, Blood Lord is enveloped in flames before floating; contact will result in knock-back and status effect, Meteors will only fall in designated areas to a maximum of 3 per area (this does not mean it will drop 3 in one area, it may drop between 1~3), there is a decent space between the meteors and the Blood Lord where players can stand in without getting damaged.
  • Lunge from Above, Area of effect is slightly smaller than the Fire Lunge, same trapezoidal attack range

Passive Movements

  • Roar, will have a Light of Palala effect, uses it before teleporting. Will not teleport if interrupted by an AI change.
  • Laugh, Similar to the intial stage of Meteor but will look up and laugh instead. Teleports afterwards.
  • Walk, Will only do this when there is more than one player alive. Blood Lord will start walking sideways while staring at a player. Follows up with running up to the player.
  • Fatigue, Only occurs after a significant amount of damage has been done. Similar to other bosses, Blood Lord will become temporarily stunned.

AI Pattern
Like all monsters and bosses, Blood Lord has an AI pattern as well.

  1. Blood Lord will usually do two consecutive attacks before teleporting away or changing targets. This is interrupted if someone draws his aggro away from the current target.
  2. Blood Lord will prioritize those who are either healing, reviving, using a potion, or repairing as an attack target.
    1. Even though aggro priority exists, it is still completely random. Because of this, it is much easier (but time consuming) to solo Blood Lord than to bring a party.
  3. If Blood Lord runs towards the player, he will teleport to the player again, or to another player.
  4. Blood Lord will always teleport behind the character, not the player. If the character is facing towards the player, Blood Lord will teleport to where the player can see him.
  5. All of Blood Lord's attacks are "Left-Way", excluding his AoE attacks like Meteor and the 5-Slashes. It is possible to run past all of his attacks by running away and right.

Which Secondary Weapon To Use?

Light of Palala

Most players will say Light of Palala is the best secondary to use against Blood Lord. Of course, there are pros and cons to using Palalas. It will render Blood Lord unable to attack for a short amount of time, however it causes him to flail wildly. Although this flailing does not do damage, it can change the direction of your character's attacks. This can be easily remedied by changing your attack-camera options.


It is a very important tool in order to obtain the break-off, though not manditory. It is possible to obtain the break-off without spears, but it is much more difficult. Blood Lord gets knocked down after 8 spears, which is not very good considering the amount of spears available and the amount of his HP.

Small Bomb

If a player knows how to control the bounce and roll of a small bomb, it can be more effective than a spear, however since the Small Bomb is susceptible to being thrown back, it is not a very reliable tool to use against Blood Lord.

Chain Hook

The most overlooked secondary weapon in the game, poses the biggest threat to Blood Lord. Two Chain Hooks are required to immobilize Blood Lord, and both must be in each leg. The down time is shorter than that of a spear, however each player may bring 18 Chain Hooks to an Easy Boat. If all party members do not miss, it is possible to knock down Blood Lord 54 times within one mission. Another plus to using Chain Hooks is that the knockdown from Chain Hooks is different than the Knockdown from smashes and spears. This means Blood Lord can be knocked down normally as well as by the Hooks. The downside to Chain Hooks is that since two legs need to be restrained, only four players will be attacking while he is down.