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How the hell do you dodge his Ground Wave Attack?! When I jump, it somehow hits me! Shadowslicer777 18:34, 24 December 2012 (UTC)

You jump. The timing is a little weird for it. I've had trouble dodging it with jumps even when I'm not lagging. If you're doing the full pirate graveyard run and leave him for the last boss, chances are there will be a treasure chest in his room. You can jump on top of said chest when he's going to do the red waves of death to avoid it. Another way to avoid getting hit by the red waves varies on where he is in the room. There is a bookshelf alongside the wall that he spawns from. If you hug said bookshelf by standing beside it alongside the wall, the bookshelf will actually block his red waves (but it depends on where he is). Obviously you want to be on the side farthest from him when he uses it.
He tends to use his waves after he spawns the poison clouds in the air (short delay after the clouds then he'll use it). He'll only do 3 waves until he glows blue (4 bars of hp left). Once he hits 4 bars, he'll use the red waves up to 8 times in a row. His red disks also get increased, might also be 8 times. When I play as an Evie with 5k defense, his red wave can instagib me. That's only one wave. Yeah, it sucks. --Masqtalk 02:24, 25 December 2012 (UTC)