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Due to the Evie Revamp coming out, her summary on her skills will need to change, specifially the parts about her not having Battle Respiration or Stamina Mastery. Also, her Mana Shields will now depend on her level of defense with the coming update. --MyLovelyStar, August 2015

I think that this page is biased on Evie, might rewrite it later if I can figure out how not to make it biased. (Needs to do research on Evie) Blackrider 07:55, 23 August 2010 (UTC)

Why would you say that? :o Doesn't seem too biased. Are you talking about it saying "weak" a lot?

[Evia] Does scythe Evie use M. ATTACK or regular ATTACK for her melee and smash moves? never could really tell.

  • Evie uses regular attack for scythe moves, hence the reason why scythe Evies try for more str.

(SOul Summon) That little remark about how staff does "COLOSSAL DAMAGE, HAS MORE SHIELS AND IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN SCYTHE & LANN AFTER REVAMP" was very biased... ignorant. I don't even think it must be stated as to why but I will. Staff gets alot of skills earlier than scythe in game (also if you dont lvl up scythe skill how can u compare?), both Scythe and Staff evie have more shields, Scythe lacks any cooldowns what so ever and comparatively its a hell of a lot easier to hit with a smash attack than it is to hit with spells on quite a few enemies, blink activates much faster than mana amber and still makes you intangible.... Edited it out, please don't spread ignorance. April 2011