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In my opinion, Albey and Heide aren't Erinn. When Elchulus talks of them as Erinn, I think his talking as in "I gave you paradise, isn't this what you want?" and labels that as Erinn, even though that isn't exactly Erinn. I think this because, Albey is situated in Tir Na Nog in Mabinogi, not exactly in Erinn, where the main setting of Mabinogi happens. Thought? Sekuiyatalk 18:10, 12 March 2013 (UTC)

Tir Na Nog is known by inhabitants of Erinn as the paradise of youth - where people don't age or get sick, where things do not decay. It is later found out that this parallel universe is actually a wasteland which was probably destroyed by an invasion of Fomors. It is also revealed in generation 3 that Erinn is actually the "fabled paradise of Tir Na Nog"... What confuses me the most is that it is said in generation 12 that Morrighan tells of a prophecy that a hero would descend from Falias (Ruined City of Gods) and would lead the people of Erinn into Tir Na Nog's paradise...
I'm not sure what to take out of this besides that inhabitants of Erinn believe their paradise are in Another World while people from Another World believe theirs is in Erinn. That God Morrighan is up to something... >.< → Nedigo talk ― 19:43, 12 March 2013 (UTC)
Got it, Morrighan, the Goddess of War - known as "The black-winged Goddess" by warriors of Tir Na Nog and is supposed to give them blessings - was actually manipulating both inhabitants of Erinn and Another World as well as Fomors to lead to the destruction of Humans, which she believed would get too powerful. So, I'm guessing that prophecy of hers was probably a set-up. Albey and Heide are either Tir Na Nog, a third world altogether, or the future of the current world. Sounds like the later with a missing episode were Elchulus is the one to actually destroy the world resulting in Albey and Heide? → Nedigo talk ― 19:55, 12 March 2013 (UTC)