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A magician adept in manipulating phantom energy. He left his old world to escape a turbulent past. He controls a swarm of Phantom Daggers that allows him to switch between melee and ranged combat on the fly. He also wields phantom magic to attack enemies and support allies.

Role[edit | edit source]

  • Sylas is a hybrid character between Staff and Scythe Evie, having similar yet still different skills. Vision Dash is similar to Blink. His support skill Active: Illusion Shield is similar to Active: Regeneration and Active: Impulse Zone have the similar stamina regen effect like Active: Insane Reaper, One can say that Sylas's skill is inferior in some aspect compared to its Evie's counterpart, with a glaring weakness of only affect 4 party members or being limited into a zone, but remember Sylas's skill require much less Sp than Evie's, and they also have an extra effect of reducing incoming damage. Sylas come with his own unique support ability Active: Soul Drain that act like a mini-Succubus Fang, with extremely short cooldown allow him to keep it up at all time if he choose to.
  • Defensively, Sylas lacks any extra defense mechanic (Like Block, Mana Amber,....) and had to solely rely on his Vision Dash and the great mobility of his attack to get out of harm way. Being a magic user, Sylas share the same weakness of being low defense until late level, but he is made up for it by boasting large amount of skills to substain himself. Beside the aforementioned Support skills, Phantom Shard significantly reduce incoming damage to Sylas, Phantom Force automatically active giving Sylas a boost in defense and regenerate HP when Sylas's HP reach below 30%.

Skills[edit | edit source]

Combat Training Restoration

Common Skill

Phantom Dagger

Equipment Path


* XE Move is exclusive to XE/EU servers.

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