Swift Set (Story)

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Swift Set Req. Level: 60
Blawynn (NPC).png Blawynn (NPC).png
Starts with Blawynn Ends with Blawynn
Steps to Completing:
1. Buy and use the story scroll, Story: Swift Set from Blawynn at the Dormitory.
2. Talk to Blawynn
3. Collect the Swift Set
» Swift Helm
» Swift Gauntlets
» Swift Greaves
» Swift Mail
» Swift Boots
4. Talk to Blawynn
Chest (Icon).pngReward 0 Gold (Icon).png 0 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png
Title (Icon).png   Title
Swift Learner
Story Dialogue
Talk to Blawynn at the Royal Army Dormitory.
Blawynn (NPC Icon).png Blawynn

Do you know about the Black Hammer Set?

It is an armor unlike any other.
Its appearance alone sets it apart.

Of course, Black Hammer is Shakarr's subordinate, so Shakarr's armor would be stronger stronger [sic].

Also, the Black Hammer Set is made from the Swift Set, so you'll need that first.

I was thinking, <Kai>.
You should go ahead and make the Swift Set.

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You discovered the title: Swift Learner.
Blawynn (NPC Icon).png Blawynn

It's not just material for the Black Hammer Set.
The Swift Set is excellent on its own.

You can improve your defense now, and prepare for the future.

Kill two Fomors with one spear, yeah?
What do you think?

Make the Swift Set(Swift Helm, Swift Gauntlets, Swift Mail, Swift Greaves, and Swift Boots) and show Blawynn.
Blawynn (NPC Icon).png Blawynn

You've collected everything? Amazing!
So...this is the Swift Set.

I've never seen anything quite like it.
Now, are you working on the Black Hammer Set?

Believe me, what you have here is an accomplishment.
I'm just a forward-thinking person.

You've come so far already. With a little more work, I think your efforts will really pay off.

If you agree, show me the Black Hammer Set when you finish it. I'm looking forward to it.

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You received the title: Swift Learner.