Succubus Queen

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Succubus Queen
Succubus Queen (Enemy).png
Type Succubus
Location Niflheim
(Boss of Queen of the Cursed)
Alignment Aggressive
Season Season 2

Stats[edit | edit source]

Normal / Hard Mode

Level: 85 Exp: 0
HP by Group Size - 1: 3,618,000 2: 3,618,0003: 3,618,000 4: 3,618,000
Att: 14,000 Def: 11,000 Crit: 30 Res: 56 CritDmg: 150%

Related Titles[edit | edit source]

Drops[edit | edit source]

Regular Drops[edit | edit source]

All Modes Succubus Bracelet Gem Key Fragment, Superior Bracelet Gem Box,Succubus Queen Gem Box

Quest-Only Drops[edit | edit source]

Battle Summary[edit | edit source]

  • Transformation is disabled in all modes, but there is no attack cap and you can use stimulants.
  • In Hard mode, players cannot revive through goddess graces, but may still be revived by other players up to 3 times.
  • Hard mode gives three extra cores, instead of the normal one extra core.
  • This battle has a limit of 40 minutes. It has 2 phases:
    • Phase 1 : Starts in the same area as the normal Succubus, although there are different attack patterns she uses.
    • Phase 2 : Starts as soon as her health hits 7 bars, this phase starts in a new area. This area does not have a "solid" barrier surround the room like phase 1 and if a player touches the barrier, they will be warped to the same spot on the other side of the room next to the barrier. Especially dangerous during the Waves attack, it can warp a player directly into a wave if they are not careful.

Battle Skills & Attacks[edit | edit source]

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

  • Disappears and reappears behind a player
  • Rush at a player one or three times, finish with an uppercut with the scythe.
    • Leaves a trail of flames behind that deal damage.
    • Has 2 variations : rushing while dragging the scythe on left or right side.
  • A butterfly flip follow by a slash.
    • Invincible during the flip.
  • Spin around
  • Pull back the scythe and do a dashing slash, releasing a large red wave.
    • Hit nearby players during startup.
    • Long reach.
  • Point scythe at a player, then do a quick, small swipe, follow by two (or three ) big swipe while dashing around.
    • She will do the third big swipe if she is attacked during the quick, small swipe.
      • The attack to trigger this attack doesn't need to hit Succubus, just need to be in range.
  • Raises her hand in the air, then slams down, releasing many shockwaves that travel in a cone.
  • Raises her hand in the air, then throws a fireball at the player. If the fireball hits the ground, it will create a small AoE pool (that damages). The fireballs can then bounce off of the floor and walls, rebounding at players.
    • Can be Backlash
    • The fire ball can hit the barrier in the room and create the pool on that barrier, although the first fireball shot will always aim at the ground.
    • Has a different animation than the shockwave one, she will bend her aim a little and slightly lean back.
    • During the first stage, this attack only creates one fireball, and the Succubus may not be facing the player in which the fireball will hit. In the second phase, the Succubus Queen will send out a fireball for every player not incapacitated.
  • Disappears and reappears in the middle of the map, creating a small pool of blood that dealing damage and expand, small AoE explosion will begin to target players, The Succubus will appear outside the barrier and slash anyone close to it, she will do this 2 times.
    • Has no animation when disappear.

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

All the attack in phase one except the Expanding pool one, with a few new attack
  • Disappears and reappears behind a player and send him/her to nightmare, then that player will have to complete same quicktime event ( press the button (default is A & D)) 3 times to escape, fail the QTE at any point will make Succubus bite, dropping that player's HP to 1, and a success will deal heavy damage to her (half of a bar).
    • Has a cooldown between each use.
    • Succubus will use this attack 4 times throughout the fight.
    • A success also break off one part of The Succubus.
  • Disappears and reappears in the middle of the map, she will start sending out energy wave(s) that travel from one side of the area to the opposite, there are 2 patterns: 1 wave that travels diagonally through the map and 2 waves that cross each other. The Succubus will slam down with her scythe at the end of the attack.
    • Has no animation when disappearing.
    • Patterns are alternative.
    • Player can stand near Succubus and hit her during this attack.
    • Succubus can be knocked out of this attack, but depend on when she was hit, player can end up either interrupting this attack or has to fight the Succubus while dodging the incoming waves.
  • Disappears and reappears in the middle of the map, shooting out a signal fireball (that does no damage), then shooting out two energy waves and and start sweeping them across the area ( one clockwise and the other counter-clockwise ), the attack stops after each wave travels a full circle and end with Succubus slam down with her scythe.
    • Has no animation when disappears.
    • Unlike the other wave attack, standing near Succubus will deal heavy damage to the player.
    • The wave spread out in a cone shape.
    • The waves will appear in the direction where the signal fireball is shot, or in front of the Succubus (if the player lost track of the signal).

Tips & Tricks[edit | edit source]

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

  • During the Expanding pool attack:
    • If you got hit and knocked down, try to stay down and do not get up.
    • Don't wander too close to the barrier.

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

    • It's best to fight the boss at the center of the map, away from the barrier.
    • The snap attack that send players into Nightmare can be easily avoid by dodging everytime The Succubus disappear.
    • Although risky, intentinally go into Nightmare is a good way to deal damage to The Succubus, while as the same time allow sp skill to cooldown.
    • The best way to stay alive after a failed Nightmare sequence is to use a Merc Pot, or active Bronze Lion Statue.
  • If you touch the barrier and get warped away, stop moving to re-position to avoid getting warped around repeatedly.
  • If you get hit by a wave, staying down does not guarantee you will live. Use the teleporting walls to avoid getting hit by the wave, as they will teleport you to the same position on the other side of the room.
    • During the rotating wave AoE, due to the cone shape of the wave, it'll be easier to dash thourgh the thin part of the wave near Succubus.
    • Do not stand near the barrier if you decide to dash through the wave, if you get hit your character might fall directly into the barrier.
    • Do not use the Standing Endurance to roll near the barrier if you're down, roll into the barrier will possibly warp you into oncoming wave.

Additional Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Drop 2 cores in Normal mode, 5 cores in Hard mode.
  • All bosses in Niflheim cannot be suppressed or stunned by skills, (Meaning skills like Vella's Cyclone and Evie's Active: Reverse Gravity have no effect).
  • In Phase 1 there are chandeliers that can be struck down and and hit a player, they may stay on the ground and become obstacle (until it is destroyed ).
  • In Phase 1 when a player attack, green smoke from the ground will appear.
  • In Phase 1, the pool attack has been toned down, The Succubus no longer blink inside the barrier and slash the players, and she only attack 2 times instead of 3.