Stringendo Strike

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Stringendo Strike (Skill).png
Stringendo Strike


Increases damage by 35%.
- Can only be used when a Spellwhip is equipped.
- Stringendo Splap is a rapid chained attack from a stationary positon.
- The strikes start to accelerate after a few hits.
- The attack range is longer and narrower than Marcato Rush.
- You can gain the Breathless Rush status effect if Stringendo Slap lands.
- Every successful attack absorbs mana from the target.
- You can even more powerful attacks when the skill rank increases.

Mouse: [SPACE] - [Left-click] repeatedly or press and hold [Left-click].
Keyboard: [A] - [S] repeatedly or hold down [S]
<Link Mrcato Rush after accelerating>
Mouse: Press [SPACE] during Stringendo Slap
Keybaord: Press [A] during Stringendo Slap

Additional Details[edit | edit source]

  • Arisha-only skill.
    • Increase Damage