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Stones in the Garden

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Stones in the Garden Req. Level:
You must have completed the story "Fancy Furniture of Rocheste".
Nel (NPC).png Nel (NPC).png
Starts with Nel Ends with Nel
Steps to Completing:
1. Talk to Nel at the Royal Army Base.
4. Obtain a Jade.
5. Talk to Nel at the Royal Army Base.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 42000 Gold (Icon).png 102300 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png

Story Dialogue
Talk to Nel who stopped by the Royal Army Base.
Nel (NPC Icon).png Nel

Heehee. Did you get lost on the way here?

I'm glad you're here.
Time for you to do me a favor, right?

When I'm bored, I do some gardening.
Of course, I don't move things around or touch dirt.

That's not my job. So dirty!
I provide the...creative direction.

Recently, I've found our garden was a little, well, plain.
That's why I'm thinking of ways to spice it up.

Could you bring me some rocks that
could be used as decorations?

If you go around Fobellow Prairie,
you should be able to obtain some Jade.

Of course, you can also purchase it,
but even if you find sellers, it might be too expensive.

In any event, I want you to get some.
Right? Then hop to it!

Obtain the Jade and it deliver to Nel.
Nel (NPC Icon).png Nel

Did you bring it?

Okay! Now, where is...

[[File:{{{npc}}} (NPC Icon).png|text-bottom|35px]] [[{{{npc}}}]]
Delivered [[Jade|Jade]]
Nel (NPC Icon).png Nel's still not right.
Renos Ore is much nicer than this...

Why doesn't Riordan let me use Renos Ore
to decorate the garden?

It's the prettiest...
Ohh, I want it!

You, what was your name?
<Karok>? Hee, what a funny name.

Anyway, <Karok>, I want Renos Ore.
So, if you don't mind...

Riordan (NPC Icon).png Riordan

What are you doing?

Nel (NPC Icon).png Nel

Oh, Riordan! Look at this.
<Karok> got me this.

It's nice...but I still want Renos Ore
for the garden.

Riordan (NPC Icon).png Riordan

Isn't that Jade?
Where did!

(Riordan turns his glare on you.)

Nel (NPC Icon).png Nel

I asked for it.
Is that bad?

Riordan (NPC Icon).png Riordan

(Riordan continues speaking to you.)

As you surely know, that place is a
restricted area. You can't just go...

Nel (NPC Icon).png Nel

But I REALLY wanted it!
Can't I have it?

( she tearing up over this?)

Riordan (NPC Icon).png Riordan


(Riordan's glare breaks. He looks almost flustered.)

Nel (NPC Icon).png Nel

Well, can I?

Riordan (NPC Icon).png Riordan


Nel (NPC Icon).png Nel

I can, right?

Riordan (NPC Icon).png Riordan

... All right.

Nel (NPC Icon).png Nel

Heehee! Thank you!
You can keep the Renos Ore, I guess.

This Jade isn't perfect, but it works.
I can finally decorate the garden! Hooray!