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About this Guide[edit | edit source]

This guide is for Evies to be able to solo early missions, that is why I have chose not to level and Focus attacks, and focused on speed over power. This guide is merely my play style and what I find to work, if this style does not fit you, take what you like and incorporated into your own style. Example: In this guide I will not recommend levelling any Focus skills (Mana Mine, Firebolt, Ice Blast, Ice Spear, Blind Arrow) until late game because of the time it takes to cast the spells, but with a party, speed is not a necessity, and you can focus on power and level those spells over Magic Arrow. This also comes into a later section of this guide: Survivability versus Support. In addition, this guide is mostly for beginning game, and mid game, I believe by late game you should have a grasp of what your Evie needs, and your own play style.

Main Skills to Upgrade and Why (In order shown)[edit | edit source]

Offensive Skills versus Defensive Skills

Offence: to deal out more damage

Defence: to take more damage

I find Evies to be good at dodging in early game. Her hop is a very effective way to keep distance or dodge (more on different styles of dodging later in the guide). Therefore, I chose the more effective way and started levelling offensive skills over defensive skills, and when defence becomes necessary (mid – late game) I will start to level defensive skills then.

Intelligence Mastery {Max Rank: A [+163 INT (326 M.ATT)] – Total Cost: 790 AP}[edit | edit source]

    • Note: Every 1 INT = 2 M.ATT
  • Why this skill first?
    • Increases Magic Damage and Critical Hit DAMAGE (not percentage)
      • Magic Arrow (damage↑)
      • Mana Mine (damage↑)
      • Healing Corona (healing↑)
      • Firebolt (damage↑)
      • Ice Blast (damage↑)
      • Ice Spear (damage↑)
      • Blind Arrow (damage↑)
        • Notes: Isn’t it better and more AP efficient to gain damage on ALL your attacks rather than 1 at a time? (for those levelling each attack individually).
    • Low AP requirement to Level

Magic Mastery [Max Rank: A (+500 M.ATT) – Total Cost:1430 AP][edit | edit source]

  • Why this skill next?
    • Another skill that increases all of your skills damage
      • Magic Arrow (damage↑)
      • Mana Mine (damage↑)
      • Healing Corona (healing↑)
      • Firebolt (damage↑)
      • Ice Blast (damage↑)
      • Ice Spear (damage↑)
      • Blind Arrow (damage↑)
    • I chose to level this skill 2nd due to the High AP cost; it is nearly double the cost of Intelligence Mastery.

Magic Critical Hits [Max Rank: A (Activation Chance↑22% Damage↑14% – Total Cost: 790 AP][edit | edit source]

    • Note: When a Critical hit activates, the attack will do more damage than normal, and will knock down.
  • Why this skill Next?
    • Another skill that increases the performance of all your attacks
      • Magic Arrow (Critical Hit %↑)
      • Mana Mine (Critical Hit %↑)
      • Firebolt (Critical Hit %↑)
      • Ice Blast (Critical Hit %↑)
      • Ice Spear (Critical Hit %↑)
      • Blind Arrow (Critical Hit %↑)
    • Although AP needed is half of what is needed to level Magic Mastery I chose to level this later because Critical Hits are not necessary for Evies. It helps, when you knock the boss down to give you time for a Focus attack.

Magic Arrow[edit | edit source]

    • Note: This skill turns into Fine Magic arrow, at rank 9, wider attack range and is able to hit multiple targets. (it is actually separated into 3 Magic arrows, a main 1 in the center and 2 smaller 1s surrounding it). If angled properly its damage can be manipulated.
  • Why this skill next?
    • I chose to level magic arrow this late because the previous 3 upgrades are already affecting my magic arrows performance, and it being my primary attack.
    • Level this skill until you are level blocked and continue levelling as soon as you reach the required level. (I would recommend to be smart and start saving up AP near the level, as Magic arrow will be your most important skill soloing).

Standing Endurance[edit | edit source]

    • Note at rank 9 you unlock the ability to roll back up immediately after being knocked down for the cost of 20 Stamina.
  • Why this skill next?
    • Many say Evie should not be hit, but there are times when you make a mistake, and with Evie’s low defence being knocked down may mean death for Evie.
    • Level this until you reach rank 9, for the immediate roll up, I would then leave it until later, when you have nothing else to spend AP on.

Survivability versus Support[edit | edit source]

Once you have gotten this far, you will have a choice, eventually you will end up levelling everything anyways, but for now the choice is Survivability or Support. Survivability is recommended for those who solo more, where as if you tend to be in a team more you would chose Support. In the end, it is only the order of the skills you level. The order I put out these next skills are the order I trained them. Whichever path you chose, you may chose the order of these next skills.

Mana Shield (Survivability)[edit | edit source]

    • Note: The recovery rate is affected by INT. The higher skill rank it is, the more important INT is.
    • I chose Mana shield first because unlike Mana Amber these shields do not require Stamina to use. The fact that they restore themselves over time is useful too.

Revive (Support) and Healing Corona (Survivability and Support)[edit | edit source]

    • I levelled these 2 at the same time, depending on which 1 requires less AP, overall I suggest Healing Corona and just stick with the feathers due to the cool down on the revive. I advise leaving Revive at A, just a bit less HP than using a feather, and adding more into it when you run out of skills to level, unless you are going for full support Evie.
  • For full-out support Evie, rank 7 restores as much health as a feather, and rank 6 restores 60%, which is better feathers in raw health.

SP: Regeneration (Survivability and Support)[edit | edit source]

    • A good support special, and for survival if you’re soloing, I recommend this after healing Corona due to the fact you cannot use it if you don’t have enough Special, where as Corona there’s only a time limit delay.

Mana Amber (Survivability)[edit | edit source]

    • This is a very useful defensive ability, although it costs quite a bit of stamina. It is a lifesaver at times especially for solo boss raids, also nice if you find yourself in a position where you cannot escape a boss attack. There is also a chance if the boss attack is strong enough you may fly in the air and break distance from the boss.

Life Flare (Survivability)[edit | edit source]

    • Like the Standing Endurance, although Evie should not be hit, especially not to the point of that low hp, but in case of a mistake or higher level bosses, it is good to have.

Focus Skills (Support)[edit | edit source]

  • Level in the order which you use the most, I levelled in the order of time limit before I can use again [Mana Mine, Firebolt & Ice Blast (Ice Blast first, since it requires less AP), Ice Spear, Blind Arrow].
  • I count Focus skills as support over survivability, due to the time it takes to cast the spells, in higher level boss fights, without a distraction it’ll be hard to cast anything higher than Focus level 2. (Unless you depend on your Mana Shield for tanking hits, though I do not recommend that, much rather save those shields for when it’s necessary).
    • Mana Mine
    • Firebolt
    • Ice Blast
    • Ice Spear
    • Blind Arrow

Tips and Tricks[edit | edit source]

Focusing[edit | edit source]

  • Knowing the timing, can help increase the speed to cast a higher-level spell, Right Clicking right when Focus level 1 finishes, can help immediately start charging Focus Level 2. You can tell focus is finished charging for that level when your Evie glows white.