Special Diet

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Special Diet Req. Level:
You must have completed the story "The Pesky Dragon".
Brakis (NPC).png Brakis (NPC).png
Starts with Brakis Ends with Brakis
Steps to Completing:
1. Talk to Brakis at the Royal Army Base.
2. Talk to Brakis at the Royal Army Base.
3. Obtain the Renos-looking Ore in Battle Quest Chicanery.
4. Talk to Brakis at the Royal Army Base.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 42000 Gold (Icon).png 102300 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png

Story Dialogue
Talk to Brakis to figure out a good way to restore the dragon's dignity.
Brakis (NPC Icon).png Brakis

Do you have any ideas?

You know, about the dragon.
Got any good ideas?

[If you say "Incentive"]:

Brakis (NPC Icon).png Brakis

Huh? Incentive?
What's that supposed to mean?

(You explain you want to give people a more
obvious reason to want the dragon around.)

I see what you're saying...
But then again, it's easy to say.

How can we make people want a monster
that eats their food and craps all over...

(Brakis' eyes light up.)

I got it. Haha, my friend! I've got it!
Okay. We need something very special...

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You received information on Battle: Chicanery.
Brakis (NPC Icon).png Brakis

If you go to this place, you'll find something
that looks remarkable like Renos Ore.

But don't be too excited...there's a big difference.
Bring some of that to me. Should be simple.

[If you say "Nothing"]:

Brakis (NPC Icon).png Brakis

Oh, come now! I'm sure you're a clever sort.
Surely you must have some idea.

[You say "No idea"]:

Brakis (NPC Icon).png Brakis

Are you certain?
I thought we could come up with something...

[You say "Nothing"]:

Brakis (NPC Icon).png Brakis

Oh well...can't force inspiration, I guess.

But if you come up with something, hurry back before you lose it.

If you come up with any good idea about the dragon, go talk to Brakis.
Brakis (NPC Icon).png Brakis

Do you have something?
Something for our little dragon dilemma?

[See dialogue above for the results of saying "Incentive" or "Nothing" here.]

Obtain the Renos-looking Ore in Battle Quest Chicanery and bring to Brakis.
Brakis (NPC Icon).png Brakis

Did you bring it?

Let me see it.

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Delivered [[Renos-looking Ore|Renos-looking Ore]]
Brakis (NPC Icon).png Brakis

Oh, this looks good. Perfect, even.
Good work. Yes, fine work.

(You inquire about the difference in the ore.)

Eh? You don't know the difference between this
and Renos Ore? Here, take a look.

(Brakis squeezes the stone a little.
It almost immediately cracks and crumbles.)

Brakis (NPC Icon).png Brakis

There's your answer, friend!

Despite the resemblance, this ore is nowhere
near as tough as Renos Ore.

It's softer than any other stone,
and dissolves in water, as well.

It's exactly what we need.
We're going to feed this to the dragon.

See, we'll tell people the dragon's acquired a taste
for Renos Ore, but doesn't digest all of it.

Instead of complaining about droppings,
people will be looking for them!

(He notices you staring at him with a
less-than-accepting gaze.)

I know, people will figure it out eventually.
But more attention is what the dragon needs.

People will start to notice that the dragon's not
all bad. Maybe some will warm up to it.

Plus, if people are searching for the droppings,
that's less for us to clean!

Why, that'll save at least two soldiers a day.
Add that to the reduced number, carry the...

(Brakis continues rambling about soldiers and dragons and
townspeople and on and on...)

Brakis (NPC Icon).png Brakis

So! In the end, how helpful is this?
Haha... This is great!

Ohh, you might be my new favorite.
Next time I need a creative solution, we'll talk!