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Smooth Legendary Shard
Armor Composite Material Sell Price 800 Gold (Icon).png
DEF +629-740, Critical Resistance +3-4
DEF +555-622, Critical Resistance +3
DEF +481-548, Critical Resistance +2
Can be composited.
Can use all forms of trade

How to Obtain


NPC crafts

Abomination Greaves, Abomination Mail, Braha Greaves, Braha Mail, Braha Set, Grim Belt, Innocent Cry, Innocent Tear, Lugh Lamhfada Mail, Lugh Lamhfada Pants, Regina Armor Boleru, Regina Boots, Regina Gauntlets, Regina Greaves, Regina Mail, Regina Short Skirt, Temporal Stigma Terminus Sentinel Mail, Terminus Sentinel Greaves, Terminus Sentinel Mail, Well-balanced Stigma Lugh Lamhfada Mail, Woeful Belt

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