Significant Enchant Scroll

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Enchant Scroll.png
Significant Enchant Scroll
Rank 8 Prefix Enchant Sell Price 500 Gold (Icon).png
Restriction (Icon).png For Accessories
An enchant scroll that lets you infuse a piece of equipment with magical power.
Brynn probably knows how to use this.


  • ATT +15
  • M.ATT +15
  • Attack Speed +1
  • Requires Level 68 or above.

Can Be Traded (Icon).png This item can be traded.

How to Obtain[edit | edit source]

Reward from Storyline

Notes[edit | edit source]

Success Chance: 25-100% (Brynns=% success)
Destruction Chance: 0%

  • Expires after 7 days
  • Will not destroy items if it fails, despite being Rank 8.
  • Can be currently placed on the Marketplace, if the the time before it expires is longer then 1 day.
  • A bug exists for 100% Brynns on this scroll. It is known that there is a chance of fail even at 100% Brynns.