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Shiny Beetle

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Shiny Beetle Req. Level:
You must have completed the story "A Cold".
Dolores (NPC).png Dolores (NPC).png
Starts with Dolores Ends with Dolores
Steps to Completing:
1. Talk to Dolores at the Dormitory.
2. Obtain a Shiny Beetle in Battle Quest Pretty Green Beetle.
3. Talk to Dolores at the Dormitory.
4. Talk to Krunk at the Bar.
5. Talk to Dolores at the Dormitory.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 45000 Gold (Icon).png 122000 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png
Stories Unlocked:

Story Dialogue
Is her cold gone? Stop by the Dormitory and talk to Dolores.
Dolores (NPC Icon).png Dolores

Welcome! I've been wating for you.

Look at me! I'm all better! I enjoyed the delicious soup you brought me

[The player selects "Really"]

Dolores (NPC Icon).png Dolores

Definitely! It looked a little strange, but since you brought
it just for me, I figured I ought to drink it.

It tasted better than I thought it would! And my cold
was instantly cured!

So I want to repay you for your
kindness. How can I--

(You tell her that the soup was actually from Krunk at the bar.)

(Doloers looks deep in thought.)
Krunk you say?

Dolores (NPC Icon).png Dolores

Umm, do you happen to know what ogres like?
I want to give him something, but I'm not sure what.

Oh! I think I heard that they like beetles. Do you think
you can go to the sewers and get me some?

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You received information on Battle: Pretty Green Beetle.
Dolores (NPC Icon).png Dolores

Back before they made the sewers off limits, I used to
go there all the time to collect beetles.<br/
Krunk would like a shiny beetle, don't you think?

Obtain a Shiny Beetle in Battle Quest Pretty Green Beetle for Dolores.
Dolores (NPC Icon).png Dolores

Oh! That beetle is lovely!

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Delivered [[Shiny Beetle|Shiny Beetle]]
Dolores (NPC Icon).png Dolores

Aw, just looking at that little guy makes me feel all
warm and tingly. Brings back some good memories.

Anybody would love a pet like this! Too bad I can't
deliver it to Krunk right now...

[Player selects "I'll go."]

Dolores (NPC Icon).png Dolores

Really? That's so kind of you! Thanks!

Deliver the Shiny Beetle to Krunk at the Bar.
Krunk (NPC Icon).png Krunk

What that? Little bug

From girl?

Hahaha! Krunk happy!

Thanks, hoo-man.

(Krunk takes the Shiny Beetle from you and drops it into his mouth.)

Krunk (NPC Icon).png Krunk


[Player selects "!!"]

Krunk (NPC Icon).png Krunk

Hahaha! Good, good!

Ogre likes!

Tell girl thank you.

Go tell Dolores about Krunk's reaction to Dolores's gift.
Dolores (NPC Icon).png Dolores

You gave him the beetle? Did he like it?

[Player selects "Oooh, yes."]

Dolores (NPC Icon).png Dolores

That makes me so happy! Tell him he can put the beetle
into a bottle by his window. It'll reflect the light!

Hehe, Kirstie used to bring me beetles all the time. We'd sneak into the sewers and bring home jars and jars of beetles!

(Dolores suddenly looks sad.)
Oh. Kirstie... I miss her.

I wonder how she is. If you go to Colhen, can you tell her I'm doing well?

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You learned the Story: Reminiscing.
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Reward: You have received 122000 EXP.
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Reward: 45000 gold