Shadow Ambush

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Shadow Ambush (Skill).png
Shadow Ambush


Applies Shadow Ambush.
- Grimden knows the most efficient way to defeat his enemies.
- Additional damage may be dealt depending on Grimden's location and the direction the enemy is facing.
- Applied to most but not all attacks.
- A Shadow Ambush indicator button can be set via Menu - Options - Controls to see the exact angle Shadow Ambush can be used. This button can be used to turn the Shadow Ambush indicator ON or OFF. If the indicator is turned on, it will appear when you attack formidable enemies or bosses.
- The Shadow Ambush indicator points in the opposite direction that the enemy is facing.

<Shadow Ambush Indicator Status>
Red: Cannot use Shadow Ambush
Orange: Shadow Ambush is applied but not to its fullest
Blue: Shadow Ambush applied at best potential

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