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On September 20, 2012 Nexon released the Ignition update for Vindictus NA. A list of some of the changes can be seen here: Ignition is a major overhaul to many aspects of the game, and introduces a lot of new features. Due to the sheer volume of changes made in Ignition, the wiki will need major updating to accommodate the changes.

A list of things that have changed with Ignition: (List may be incomplete, associated wiki pages may not yet be updated to include the changes)


  • Character skill rank unlocks and skill re-balances/changes.
  • New skills added.
  • Characters now gain stats from each level up.
  • SP skills now have a cool down.
  • SP gained an extra bar, SP cost for skills now displayed.
  • Characters can now jump and use a jump smash.
  • Character HP greatly increased.


  • Main story no longer gives stats on each completion.
  • Stories are now organized with "Season 1" in preparation for Season 2's release.


  • Armor now comes in three tiers: Broken, normal and exquisite. Broken armor has 50 durability, lowers stats than higher grades, requires a lower level to wear and has no set bonus. Normal has either 70 or 100 durability, has better stats than broken, has a higher level to wear than broken and has no set bonus. Exquisite is usually crafted from expertise, is the equivalent of equipment from before Ignition's changes and has set bonus.
  • Armor of broken or normal quality now has a chance of dropping from bosses.
  • A great many new weapons were introduced, sharing icons and looks of previous weapons but with different names and stats. These new weapons have a chance of dropping from bosses.
  • Descriptions on weapons and armor has been removed (the flavor text to describe the item). Existing descriptions on wiki pages should probably be left in as it is unsure if this is a bug or not.
  • Stats, level requirement and skills required to use armor and weapons has been modified on just about everything.
  • Rare drops and rare scrolls have been given a boost in drop rate.
  • 3 new rank 8 scrolls have been introduced: Consistent Enchant Scroll, Resistant Enchant Scroll, Enthusiastic Enchant Scroll.


  • Some battles now have a daily run limit. Seems to only apply to some Perilous Ruins battles.
  • All of Ortel Castle and Gatekeeper of the Catacombs have Hero Mode unlocked.
  • Episode 10 battles now have Normal Mode unlocked: (Earthborn Seal, Frostborn Seal, Timeless Rage, Fate and Destiny)
  • Damage over time attacks have been given a boost in damage and length.
  • Enemy stats may have been changed. Some enemies now move, attack faster and deal more damage.
  • Many enemies now drop equipment of varying quality.

Interface and game engine:

  • Some video settings were merged together.
  • Game engine was modified to run smoother.
  • Item quickslots increased from 5 to 10.
  • HP, SP, Stamina bars smaller.
  • Item quickslots can be changed mid-battle.
  • Complete item stacks can be taken and used in battle (example: 400 HP Potions in a stack compared to 16 max previously). Some items still retain a strict max limit per battle (feathers, stimulants)


  • Daily Proofs/Finishes no longer exist for levels 90-99, 190-199, 290-299. Associated items can be made with just materials.
  • Expertise now goes up to 350.
  • Platesmithing has been removed, and existing recipes merged into Armorsmithing. Anyone with Platesmithing previously is now Armorsmithing. Brakis is in charge of Armorsmithing now instead of Arthyen.
  • Recipe books have been removed.
  • Level 60-70 gear can now be crafted with Expertise. 1 to 4 star quality possible.
  • Materials required to craft items greatly reduced.
  • Most crafted items are now called Exquisite to distinguish between normal and broken quality from enemy drops. Exquisite equipment has set bonuses and the best stats.
  • 2 new sub-expertise has been added to Goldsmithing, Armorsmithing, Tailoring and Weaponsmithing: Dismantle and Element Stone.
  • Dismantle lets you destroy equipment that your expertise can make to get materials necessary for Element Stone. Dismantled equipment is destroyed.
  • Element Stone allows crafting of Element Stones, which can be infused into equipment. Infusing costs an Element Stone, AP and gold. Infusing grants a bonus or penalty to a single stat at random (limited possibilities). Only one infuse can be on a piece of equipment at a time. It is possible to over-write existing infused stats with another Element Stone.


  • Videk has been added to Brynn's Lab. He is in charge of infusing equipment with Element Stones.
  • Arthyen no longer handles Armorsmithing. Brakis is in charge of Armorsmithing.