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Introduction[edit source]

Hello again. I wanted to take the time to make another guide on here for the wiki browsers, and to bring a bit more to the lacking Evie section on here. This guide will provide as much insight as I can give on playing as a scythe Evie in the game. Once again, the same rules apply to this guide as my others. For the sake of completion ill list the rules on here as well. If anyone has questions or concerns about content in this guide, please feel free to contact me in Talk. If you would like to edit this guide or copy/borrow content from it, please be kind enough to ask me first, before making any major corrections, removals or copies. Failure to contact and ask for permission from me before editing/copying this guide, will result in the guides re-upload, replacement and renewal to its former state and/or removal from any outside source. Thank you for your understanding and enjoy =D

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Introduction to Scythes[edit | edit source]

The scythe has been a weapon of extreme popularity in video games as far back as I can remember. The physical look of the weapon, it's attack animations, and it's raw damage potential make it a very hot commodity. It's no different here in Vindictus. A properly built scythe Evie has the second highest DPS in the game, and in some cases, THE highest DPS of any character. Playing as a Scythe Evie is, in my honest opinion, is one the the most unique and visually pleasing draws to Vindictus. If you are a first time player reading this, then I would highly recommend making a scythe evie as a beginner character, as her skills are perfect for learning how to play the game.

Character Profile[edit | edit source]

  • Name - Evie
  • Age - Unknown
  • Origin - the east
  • Damage type - Physical/Magical
  • Strong against - Short ranged slow enemies
  • Weak against - Long ranged quick enemies
  • Playstyle difficulty -
1 2 3 4 5
Easiest Easy Normal Hard Hardest

Scythe Vs. Staff[edit | edit source]

The debate between which weapon Evie's should choose isn't nearly as heated as Lann's choice between spears or swords, because scythes and staffs play very different roles. Scythes are meant for raw damage output with very few support features and Staffs are meant for stronger support features and less damage output.

Scythe Pros

  • More mobility than staffs. Less time spent being stationary charging spells.
  • Can use an extremely powerful dodge skill
  • Better overall stamina recovery time
  • Looks. Most people love Scythe weapons
  • Better trash mob clearing abilities
  • Requires less skills to rank up than staffs
  • Easier to solo with in most cases
  • More fun for most people

Scythe Cons

  • Slower overall attack rate than staffs.
  • Lacks a true Healing skill
  • Has more trouble with faster enemies
  • Runs a higher risk of being killed
  • Most Scythes are heavier than Staffs
  • Not as much burst damage potential
  • Requires more practice learning how to attack
  • Far less versatility than staffs at later levels

As you can see, Scythes and staffs balance each other out quite nicely. Even though most of the staff abilities haven't been added in the game yet, Staffs still have quite a few advantages over Scythes currently. In the end, pick the weapon that suits your playstyle the best and don't let anyone downplay your choice. All weapon types are good in this game, despite what many arrogant naysayers may blab about.

Building your Scythe Evie[edit | edit source]

In the following sections, I will be going over how to make your Scythe Evie as optimal as possible. Please feel free to deviate from this build as you wish. this is simply meant to help players be as effective as they possibly can, when playing their Scythe Evie's. We will start with skills and work our way down to equipment and finally, tips for getting the most out of your Scythe Evie.

Main Skills[edit | edit source]

These will be the skills that you rank first. No Scythe Evie should be without these skills.

Intelligence Mastery (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 790 to A, 5350 to Rank 6

When to rank: ASAP to A

As a Evie, you will be focusing on one stat alone, intelligence. It is the sole stat that provides a boost to Evie's damage. Every 1 intelligence provides 2 M. Attack. Rank this to A early on. Besides, you won't have much else to put AP into anyway. Like all stat masteries, this skill's cost explodes upon obtaining Rank A, costing near and beyond 1000 AP per rank afterwards. These ranks all add exactly 15 INT. While extremely important for your damage, the cost after Rank A is so grossly prohibitive, and the gains so small, that you will want to wait until absolutely every other primary and even secondary skill is maxed before going for broke on Int Mastery.

Magic Mastery (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 1430

When to rank: After Intelligence Mastery

At rank A this skill will give you slightly more M. Attack than Intelligence mastery, but cost nearly double the AP to max out. Still, a Scythe Evie's main role is to deal damage, so it goes without saying that you should max this skill right away.

Smash Mastery (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 1780

When to rank: After Magic Mastery

A Scythe Evie relies on her smash damage as much a spear Lann does. Smashes are the primary damage source for a Scythe Evie, so max this skill as soon as you get a chance.

Battle Scythe- Blink (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 600

When to rank: When Smash Mastery becomes unavailable to rank

This is THE MOST important skill a Scythe Evie has in her bag of tricks. Without it, you might as well just be target practice for a boss or trash mob. Ranking this skill up makes it cheaper to use and allows you to attack more often instead of spending your time recovering stamina. Max it, love it, move on.

Equipment Knowledge (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 790

When to rank: After Blink

Evie's rely less on critical hits then other characters do. Still, a critical hit on a smash attack or on a snap attack provides a REALLY noticeable damage increase. We need all the damage buffs we can get, since we focus on pumping out as much damage in a single attack as we can. Ranking this up is cheap enough as it is and provides a decent DPS boost when it activates on an enemy. Too bad the Critical Hit skill isn't this cheap to rank up. =D

Necessity Skills[edit | edit source]

These are skills that take a lower priority in ranking than your main skills, but are just as important to Scythe Evie's nonetheless.

Mark of Death (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 700

When to rank: To E immediately, then after your Main Skills

Your first combo finisher skill. It will feel like a lifetime leveling up to get it, but once you have it the victory will taste sweet indeed. Finally your Evie will feel and look like more than a farmer harvesting wheat in the field. =P It's recommended to rank this up to E right away and then after your main skills have been maxed.

Battle Scythe- Bloody Thread (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 875

When to rank: To E immediately, then after your Main Skills

This skill makes your mark of death look like childs play. It does away with the restrictive enemy type limitation that MoD imposes and allows you to mark all types of enemies around you. More damage, better range, this skill is Evie's most powerful finisher move for a reason...IT ROCKS! Max it out and abuse it XD

Cloth Armor Proficiency (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 990

When to rank: After Snap Finishers and before Revive, if you solo a lot.

While some may say that Standing endurance is a waste of time, I say otherwise. Evie's aren't supposed to be getting hit in battles but, there will come a time when a player is either too careless, distracted or unlucky and will end up getting whacked by a bosses smash attack. When this happens your character will fall to the ground and remain inanimate and unmovable for a brief moment, at which point the boss may get a free attack on you. For an Evie, this is a nightmarish situation to be in because Evie's don't have a lot of defense. If your Evie has taken a hit that lands her on the ground and destroys her mana shields, chances are shes as good as dead in the next one or two hits. Ranking this skill past 9 not only allows you to resist being knocked down from a smash attack by a certain %, but also allows you to roll up off the ground instantly, without having to wait. At higher levels this skill becomes NECESSARY. It's also recommended if you plan to solo a lot.

Revive (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 990

When to rank: After Snap Finishers and before Standing Endurance, if you play with parties.

While some may say that Revive is useless if you've got feathers, I have to disagree. Not only does a fully ranked Revive restore someone with 60% of their health back, it also can be used over and over. Having higher ranks in this allows it to be used with a shorter cooldown in between. Max it. Love it. Marry it. Happily ever after. Nobody can ever completely solo the game anyways. There's going to be one day or another when you'll get in a group with 1 or more persons. If they die, well you've got them covered.

Cloth Armor Proficiency (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 3090

When to rank: As needed

Even as a Scythe user, you're still technically a mage. Beings so, the only armor that makes a viable choice is cloth armor. Cloth armor is the only armor that can boost the INT stat as high as you can get it. There are a few exceptions to this, as a couple of pieces of gear from other armor types offer superior INT boosts over a cloth piece, but cloth is still the ruler 9 times out of 10. Although Evie has the ability to learn other armor types, IT IS HIGHLY UNADVISED TO DO SO. The ONLY stat an Evie needs currently, is INT. All other stats, defense included, are near useless for Evie. A player that chooses to wear any armor other than cloth or boost any stats other than INT, is only limiting themselves and making it that much harder for the party and themselves to get through a Battle.

Battle Scythe Mastery (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 3090

When to rank: As needed

Thankfully, unlike Staffs, Scythe do not require a high mastery to equip. You should rank this to C by level 40 so you can use the Bloody Thread skill book.

Stamina Mastery (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 5630

When to rank: When it's possible

Lot of people think Strength is totally useless for Scythe Evie, but they are wrong. Scythe does more physical damage than Staff, so it is bit necessarily to increase strength to increase your attack point. But since the most of the damage is come from the magic attack, you don't really need to max it, about Rank A is enough.

Complementary Skills[edit | edit source]

As the name suggests, these skills are more of a compliment to Scythe Evie's, than a main or necessity skill. They simply aid Evie in her role.

HP Potion Proficiency (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 350

When to rank: After Main and necessity skills

This skill is really a nice little gem to pick up. It can save you a ton of money on potions in the long run, and allow you to heal more efficiently in battle. You'll want to max it eventually, but there's no need to rush ranking it, unless you have nothing more important to spend AP on.

Life Flare (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 2190

When to rank: After Main and necessity skills

WAY MORE EXPENSIVE than it's Standing Endurance counterpart, Life Flare offers one thing that Standing endurance doesn't, the ability to avoid being killed from an otherwise fatal blow by a certain %. Evie's shouldn't really EVER get to the point where they would depend on this skill, however, I can't tell you how many times it has helped me avoid being KO'd by a boss. Make this a low priority skill to rank up, but definitely max it at some point.

Campfire (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 350

When to rank: After Main and necessity skills

Evie's and Lanns don't really rely on Fires like Fionas do, but having their buffs is still good all the same. This is a nice skill to dump AP into after all others are maxed. Besides, you're going to need campfires for some of the tougher raids later in the game.

Combat Mastery (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 1590

When to rank: After Main and necessity skills

As a scythe evie you'll spend most of your time killing trash mobs with your snap finishers, but since a snap skill can only mark up to 4 targets at a time, you'll still need to rely on your normal attack damage somewhat. That's where this skill comes in. Ranking it up makes a noticeable difference in your ability to clear waves of trash mobs. Maxing it out will definitely help out.

SP Skills[edit | edit source]

SP skills can help Evie's do more damage to their enemies. Depending on the skill, it will cost between 1-4 sp bars to use, and either be an instant effect or last for a certain duration. Let's dive in.

SP Insane Reaper (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 2630

When to rank: After Main, Necessity.

Having stamina is always crucial for Evie's. We want lots of it and we want it to replenish fast. Since this is a scythe Evie's only usable SP skill till level 54 it ends up getting used regardless. LOL. The stamina regain that this buff provides is actually quite nice for the amount of SP bars it costs. While its not as cheap as Berserk Spirit, it's still just as spamable. At rank 9 and above it begins to also a faster attack speed that doesn't really become noticeable until rank 6. A great skill that in many instances is better than Reverse Gravity.

SP- Reverse Gravity (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 1010

When to rank: After Main, Necessity and Complimentary skills

Reverse gravity is a great skill that inflicts a ridiculous amount of damage. It takes a while to rank up, but in the end it is completely worth it. The attack can inflict about 1 health bar worth; totally worth it.

SP- Clipped Wings.png

AP cost to max: 970

When to rank: Up to the user

Clipped wing can be a great pvp, labyrinth, or Hero mode addition but other then that it's pretty useless because it won't effect most bosses (doppelgangers do not count as bosses) so up to the user to decide if they wish to rank it. There are some bosses who will be affected by it, such as Big Horn and Raging Eckeloch. On Hero mods, bosses like this are blinding fast and attack in rapid combos making them a nightmare to go up against. Big Horn is particularly deadly, and he is the sub-boss for Yeti King, a mission that provides several very valuable scrolls. Clipped Wings makes that mission much less of a headache. However, another skill coming down this list will make Clipped Wings far less desirable, due to having more availability and ease of use.

Other Skills[edit | edit source]

These skills don't really have a definitive place in the general spectrum of things for a scythe evie, but are still interesting and can even be helpful at certain times.

Alchemy- Create Golem (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 570

When to rank: Up to the player

To use Golems or not to use Golems, that is the question. While I will admit that Golems have their fair share of fun moments and provide a minuscule amount of utility in certain scenarios, I don't think that they bring enough to the table to warrant a spot in a Scythe Evie's primary skills. I will leave this skill as one that can be leveled as the player see fit. Just know that in my experience a Golem DOES NOT add to a Scythe Evie's DPS. The amount of time it takes to setup a golem, offsets any damage that they contribute during a battle. It should be noted that a freshly created golem, even without enough clutter to stand and attack, can be an irresistable draw for aggro with some bosses giving you a breather to pop potions or set up a free attack. While the damage is low, their attacks have very high knockdown rates. Combined with the ability to de-summon and re-summon at will this can allow an Evie to take full control of a boss' attack patterns. Golems can be set up with less hassle by creating one before entering the boss room or before the boss spawns. They're also fairly handy for sweeping up ballista spears in the end-game raids, which would normally have to be carried or thrown across the room one at a time. While golems don't have extremely high HP and can be killed rather easily late game, they have the interesting ability to heal themselves by continuing to pick up loose objects on the ground whenever they take damage. With that in mind, always try to keep your golem near a source of clutter. With enough stuff lying around they're almost indestructable.

Golem Mastery (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 790

When to rank: Up to the player

If you decided to rank the Create Golem skill, then you might as well rank this one as well. In the world of Golems, you either go all in, or don't go in at all. The good news, is that it wont cost an arm and a leg to rank the two skills to max, so you won't really have to worry about AP budgeting.

Alchemy Erg Transformation (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 570

When to rank: Up to the player

Believe it or not, this skill actually becomes more powerful than the healing skill. Does that make it better? HELL NO! The time it takes to find an object and then turn it into a bunch of ergs, only to tak more time running around to collect the ergs, make this skill highly questionable. Still, if you have no healer in your group, a scythe evie with this skill at Rank A and a bunch of 1 handed objects at their fingertips can turn the battlefield into invincible mode lol. Very rarely used, so think before you rank.

Eagle Talon (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 780

When to rank: Up to the player

While the idea of creating little white jizz looking mines that explode when touched by an enemy might sound entertaining, that's all it is, entertainment. Nothing more. The knockdown % and other benefits that this skill gives aren't enough to warrant using it in place of your normal attack pattern. If you still want to create a bunch of spooge blobs and run around snickering like a school girl when they hit an enemy, then by all means, knock yourself out. This skill also decreases the stamina cost of running once it is ready to use (when Evie shouts and forms a glowing ball in her hands). Nevermind the mines and knockdown, reducing stamina costs is always worthwhile.

Alchemy- Mana Pistol (Skill).png

AP cost to max: 1575

When to rank: Up to the player

Mana pistols can at times be an indispensable utility tool for a scythe Evie. They are very good for distracting bosses and are quick and simple to put down. They also don't have a gigantic collision model that gets in the way of you or your team mates. This makes them generally more reliable than golems, and when they're killed they can easily be replaced. As they are ranked up, they will fire more shots in a row and get better at drawing aggro. While their DPS is still low, it's more consistent and effective for damage than a golem. One hidden bonus not mentioned anywhere in the game is that Mana Pistols inflict a slowdown debuff that is effective on almost every boss in the game.

Skills to AVOID[edit | edit source]

These would be skills that have little to no benefit for Scythe Evie's, and should be avoided like a bad prom date.

  • Weight Endurance You won't need it, since all cloth armor weighs the same, 1 stone, unless you plan to equip heavier armors. It is safe to ignore this skill until you really need it.
  • Light Armor Proficiency Light armors will begin to appear in Evie's upgrade path beginning with the Sweetie Bear Set. It is not necessary to upgrade this skill however as the weight requirements are still very low. This will definitely be necessary if you intend to wear anything from the Lann armor lines such as the War Edge Set, as these are very heavy for your weight limit. It is safe to ignore this skill until you really need it.
  • Heavy Armor Proficiency Defense is not particularly useful for Evie's due to your Mana Shields, so this shouldn't be taken into consideration. If you like the way heavy armor looks then you'll will most certainly need to rank this skill as well as Weight Endurance in order to wear any of it.
  • Stone Skin Defense is near useless for Evie. You shouldn't be getting hit at all.
  • Health Mastery Defense is near useless for Evie. You shouldn't be getting hit at all.
  • Healing Corona Entirely impossible to use with a scythe, so why would you rank it?
  • Agility Mastery Not as much of a waste of time as other mastery skills, but still low priority. The amount of Agility required to make a noticeable benefit for Evie is quite high, around 800 and above. That said, Agility has one extremely good benefit, and that is faster Stamina regeneration. More Agility is the only way besides consumables and Insane Reaper to regenerate faster, so at some point it will be useful.
  • Willpower Mastery Negligible benefits. Garbage. (edit causes criticals which can overkill for 3k easy at 48+ with average gear, worth getting but later on)
  • Meditation There is a lot of contention about this skill. The general consensus is that it takes a year to get your AP back from this skill assuming you get to rank A directly with little or no intervening time. Make your decision based on that, but know that the AP costs are high and can cause short term gimping by starving your more directly useful skills. Your Intelligence will partially do what this skill does, shaving off 1 second every 6.6667 INT up to a max of 2000 INT.

Gearing your Evie[edit | edit source]

Gear not only looks cool, but keeps you pumping out damage. Hey, what a concept! In this section I'll be going over how to optimally equip your Scythe Evie. Again, feel free to deviate from this guide as you wish. This gear list is simply the best of the best for Scythe Evie's.

Armor[edit | edit source]

Exquisite Scarlet Witch Set[edit | edit source]

Scarlet Witch Set (View 1).png

Your first set of REAL armor. Staying true to the name it bears, the scarlet witch set makes you look like a full fledged witch. The only thing you're missing is a crooked nose and a broom stick to fly on. Get comfortable wearing it, because it's going to last you a long long time.

Exquisite Sweetie Bear Set[edit | edit source]

While this may not be much of an upgrade from the Scarlet set, it's an upgrade nonetheless. For those that see this set as being too expensive to craft or purchase, feel free to skip it and move directly to the Broken Ash Set. NOTE: Some pieces of this set give more INT than pieces of Broken Ash (E.g. Sweetie Bear Hat gives 8 more INT than the Broken Ash Hood, and Sweetie Bear give a mere 1 more INT than Broken Ash Shoes. However, with Sweetie Bear Hat and Boots combined with Broken Ash later on, you'll also receive a +5 INT boost for having on two Sweetie Bear items, making the Hat and Boots valuable in the long run.

Exquisite Broken Ash Set[edit | edit source]

Broken Ash Set (Evie 1).png

Personally, i'd say this set is a much better visual improvement over the Scarlet witch set, and hey, it offers better stats too. Looky there! Wear it and love it for the next 8 or so levels.

Exquisite Rose Drop Set[edit | edit source]

Rose Drop Set (View 1).png

This is the only time I feel that a higher level armor set looks worse than its predecessors. Some people like the look, however, I don't dig it. I feel it looks too much like the Chiquita banana lady. It offers the best stats for it's level though, and provides an Immense boost to your damage. Even The Blood Lord Set has less INT on it.

Exquisite Blood Lord Set[edit | edit source]

Visual preferences aside, the Blood Lord Set has 8 less int than the Rose Drop and 200 more defense, plus 60 agility. While defense is not Evie's strong suite this may be a valuable upgrade at a very nominal cost to damage output. It does however have quite annoying material requirements in the current environment, and is more expensive than the Rose Drop set.

Exquisite Southern Winter Set[edit | edit source]

At level 52 you can fully unlock this set. An upgrade from the Blood Lord set, this set has a really nice Int bonus. Differing from Royal Cadet, this set actually gives Evie a respectable amount of Agility and defense as well as a little Str bonus for your attacks. As armors keep getting more expensive you'll probably keep this for a while until you manage to upgrade to the next best set.

Exquisite Temptress Set[edit | edit source]

The Temptress Set is next in the line, and doesn't use a Helmet, which means you can keep using the Southern Winter Helmet or use any helmet you desire and still recieve the full bonus effect. It gives a nice little bonus of +36 Crit resistance.

Queen's Light Glory Set[edit | edit source]

Should you desire at level 58 you can opt to upgrade to the Queen's Glory set. This set has lower Def than Temptress but a 136 Str bonus. Keep in mind that this is only a 2 level jump you've had. If you're strapped for cash at this time, you're better off keeping the Temptress set. This set DOES have a helmet as a part of the set if it affects your decision. It's not a bad idea to buy a 3 star Queen's Light Glory helmet to wear with your Temptress, as they are generally very cheap in today's market and provide more INT than nearly every level 61 cloth helm.

Wonderland Set[edit | edit source]

Wonderland Set (Evie 1).png

This full level 60 set is the absolute highest INT cloth set currently in Vindictus, and a prime choice for just about every Evie. This set is available to craft after defeating Glas Ghaibhleann in Avatar of Destruction. Every piece requires some common drops from Glas and one or two feathers broken off from his right wing, but the chest and leg parts require the absurdly rare Glas Ghaibhleann's Torn Pants which can cost up to 10 million gold to buy from another player. The very high Intelligence bonus from the set doesn't come into effect without at least 4 pieces.That said, each piece by itself has very high INT, and the 3 pieces not crafted with Pants are very cheap, making it possible to get a sub-optimal mix with another set while still being very good for your money. Besides the high Intelligence, the full set also has above average crit resist for its level. But it also makes you look like you work in a brothel.

Light Ingkells Set[edit | edit source]

Light Ingkells Set (Evie 1).png

This is the first Evie-focused set composed entirely of Light Armor, and it's no slouch as far as stats go. It falls way behind Wonderland in raw INT, but it has superior AGI, defense, and a lot more crit resist. It's also far less expensive as a full set than either the chest or legs of Wonderland by themselves. The INT from its set bonus contributes a very small amount compared to the INT of the armor parts by themselves, making mixes with this set highly cost efficient.

Ingkara Set[edit | edit source]

Ingkara Set (Evie 1).png

A mix of Light and Cloth armor. This has less DEF than Light Ingkells but slightly more AGI and STR. This set is craftable by Clodagh or Nel after the story Taking Initiative.. The materials for this set is spread over a number of bosses.

Fallen Angel Set[edit | edit source]

Fallen Angel Set (Evie 1).png

For those that have put skill into heavy armor and light armor the time they've been playing, this set won't make your efforts wasted. It has a very nice stamina bonus that no other set gives, but has a lack of critical resistance for it. It has about 100 less int than the Wonderland set, but also 1000 more def (which is pretty much useless for an evie). It is a second comer to wonderland, and allows you to blink/attack more often, at a cost of damage. It does require rank 9 in cloth, heavy, and light armor to wear.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Unlike other weapons that have several choices every 2 to 4 levels, Scythes are fairly straight forward, as there isn't very many options to pick from. Every 4 levels you'll get access to a new scythe that will ALWAYS have better overall stats, making weapon choices a no brainer. That only changes when you hit level 61, and suddenly the choices are broader and not always so clear.

Fobellow Tin Scythe[edit | edit source]

The first level 60 scythe that will become available to you, it is an extremely common random drop from Vehemence which makes is extremely cheap. Compared to other level 60 scythes, it has the lowest M. ATT, the highest crit and the highest Balance. Other level 60 scythes will have varying amounts of lower Balance. The usefulness of such high crit for scythe is debatable, but the very high crit resistance of dragon raid bosses is worth noting.

Black Hammer Scythe[edit | edit source]

Black Hammer Scythe (View 1).png

A marked improvement over Fobellow Tin Scythe in raw damage, it is very expensive and time-consuming to farm the materials it requires. Aesthetically it isn't too bad, but otherwise it is weak as far as level 60 scythes go. Because of how expensive and weak it is, you would do best to skip this one and never look back.

Braid Tassel Battle Scythe[edit | edit source]

Braid Tassel Battle Scythe (View 2).png

One of the most preferred scythes, this comes from Titan. Quite expensive because of the sheer difficulty in getting Titan's break-off, but still above average in every category. It has significantly better magic attack than Black Hammer Scythe, and comes with 3 attack speed built into it. Not the best in any one area, but good in all of them.

Rakrak Claw[edit | edit source]

Rakrak Claw (View 2).png

A very fast scythe, base attack speed of 9, that is surprisingly cheap to craft but has below average M ATT that is still better than Black Hammer Scythe. If you prefer superior speed over raw damage, this is your most economic choice. Be wary of taking on high defense bosses until you have this thing enhanced to at least +10.

Silent Shadow[edit | edit source]

Silent Shadow (View 2).png

A scythe that seems to be somewhat confused. In nearly every stat it is identical to Braid Tassel, but it has no bonus attack speed and it isn't necessarily more or less expensive, as the market fluctuates for both. A rather perplexing item, to say the least.

Scythe of Caresses[edit | edit source]

Scythe of Caresses (View 2).png

A gift from the Succubus, which can be rather easy to craft if you cap out on Seals of Bravery every day. Compared to Braid Tassel, it has higher M ATT and better crit, plus 1 additional attack speed. However, it takes a hit to its Balance, making its damage more random. Not at all a bad weapon for its raw attack power, and it's also preferred for its looks.

Raider's Scythe[edit | edit source]

Raider's Scythe (View 2).png

The highest M ATT scythe at level 60, with even less Balance than Scythe of Caresses. Comes with 1 base attack speed. It is one of the more expensive scythes. For every Glas Torn Pants you craft from raid seals, you could craft 2 Succubus Emblems and have 18 seals left to spare.

Lionoteeth[edit | edit source]

Lionoteeth (View 2).png

At first glance you might mistake this thing for a Braid Tassel Scythe, but when you get close you'll see a whole different animal. This is something of a Hybrid between Rakrak Claw and Scythe of Caresses. Its M ATT is better than Braid Tassel, and it has 9 attack speed plus 1 extra crit. However, its balance is well below average at 54. As hard as it may be to believe, this is even more expensive than Raider's Scythe.

Dragonscale Scythe[edit | edit source]

Hold the might of a dragon in your grasp. This is the cheaper of 2 level 70 dragon scythes. This scythe is far stronger than any level 60 scythe in almost every stat. Compared to its more expensive counterpart, Dragonscale Scythe is the "fast scythe" for this level, boasting higher crit and more bonus attack speed.

Light Splitter[edit | edit source]

The most expensive scythe there ever was, ripped right out of the eyeballs of the Fomor god himself. It requires the rarest and most expensive crafting ingredient in Vindictus, and rightfully so. With over 8000 M. ATT, this monster is the ultimate goal for any level 70 Scythe Evie. Just obtaining it may cost you several hundred-million gold. Is it worth it? Are you a bad enough dude to do it? You be the judge.

Playing Tips and Strategy's[edit | edit source]

In this section, I'll cover anything that I may have left out in the previous sections, in regards to important things that every Scythe Evie should know. From strategy's to tidbits, it will be in this section.

Attacks and Combos[edit | edit source]

Here I will break down the smash moves that a Scythe Evie has and how they can be used in typical situations you'll be facing. Feel free to chime in with any combos that I may have missed, or clever creations you've discovered yourself.


L = left mouse click

R = Right mouse click

S = Sprint

D = Dodge

Recovery Time = the amount of time it takes you to recover from an attack animation. During this time no other moves, even Blink, can be used.

Overall Utility = the gauged amount of total overall uses that a skill has in just about every scenario.

Damage potential - Low Recovery Time - medium Overall Utility - Low

This move is performed by hitting R once. It jabs the enemy quickly, dealing a very small amount of damage.

Usage - To be honest, I have never been presented with a situation where using the Raven Fork jab was a good idea. The only real reason I can see for using it, is to interrupt an enemies impeding attack, but other attacks can interrupt as well to just leave this attack be and use normal attacks instead.

Damage Potential - Low Recovery Time - fast Overall Utility - Low

Your first smash attack, performed by hitting LR, is a somewhat fast overhead slice that allows you to perform an HP draining maneuver afterward.

Usage - As a regular smash attack, Demon Splitter is lacking in just about every department. It has low range, low damage and only hits once. When you bring Life Drain into the picture, it's a whole other story. Life drain is about the only decent use for this smash attack and even then you'll need Life drain to be ranked up quite high for it to be truly worth using as a source of healing. It's recommended to stay away from this smash otherwise.

Damage Potential - Medium Recovery Time - fast Overall Utility - Medium

A earthquake can be produced from slamming the butt of your scythe down with LLR. An attack that has the longest range of any Scythe smash and close to one of the highest knockdown rates.

Usage - Due to this attacks excellent range, a scythe evie is able to keep somewhat of a safe distance from an enemy while using it. This is nice for enemies that have wide sweeping attacks or fast jabs. While it won't be a significant source of damage, it does make up for it with it's knockdown rate and added ability to summon a spirit wisp to aid you in battle. You'll use this smash attack quite often because of it's quick 2 hit requirement and fast recovery time.

Damage Potential - High Recovery Time - slow Overall Utility - High

Your 3 hit smash combo performed with LLLR appears to look much like it's Demon Splitter predecessor, except that this smash packs hidden AOE potential and deals more damage.

Usage - While this attack may take longer to execute than others, it makes up for this in overall utility. The smash attack itself is wonderful for clearing trash mobs with its AOE and the ability to mark up to 4 other trash mobs with Mark of Death and kill them instantly is a huge bonus. You'll use this as your first true primary source of damage before acquiring Bloody Thread and even after that for clearing groups of tightly packed trash mobs.

Damage Potential - High Recovery Time - fast Overall Utility - High

This devastating smash attack is performed by hitting LLLLR. After twirling your scythe 720 degrees like a ballerina reaper, you'll get the chance to unleash this beast of an attack on your foes. Evie launches an overhead attack and slams her scythe downward deep into the ground.

Usage - I could just put usage = awesomeness, but that wouldn't do this skill justice. Your investment of four painstakingly long normal hits pays off, as this smash attack allows for the use of the epic Bloody Thread Skill. By itself Invisible Loom has the second best AOE potential compared to Soul Skewer. If the smash wasn't enough to kill those trash mobs, the follow up Bloody Thread will DEFINITELY be overkill. Your # 1 DPS move available, learn to time its uses and you'll be dealing absurd amounts of damage in no time.

Combat[edit | edit source]

  • Don't Blink, you might miss it

Learning how to Blink is crucial to our survival as Scythe Evie's. Since our defense is the lowest of all characters, it's of the utmost importance that we don't get smacked around. Blink is a extremely user friendly skill to use, as it has a very forgivable invincibility frame count. This means that you won't need to have impeccable timing in order to dodge an attack. Still, you need to learn when to use this skill and when to use Evie's small hop to dodge an attack in order to save stamina.

  • Who have da order of sushi?

Dude! You're holding a huge reaper looking scythe! Who wouldn't want to go crazy trying to chop the bejesus out of everything that came across their path like a sushi chef on PCP? However, that's not really how playing a scythe Evie works. Evie's scythe damage primarily comes from smashes and snap finishers. Her normal attack damage is very lack luster and shouldn't even be relied upon to provide viable DPS against bosses. So instead of standing toe to toe with the boss and spamming attacks, it's better to learn how to stand back and start attacking so that by the time you reach the boss, you're ready to perform your smash. This is one of Evie's most difficult aspects to master, everything else comes naturally. As time goes on, it will be easier to judge the space it takes for each smash attack to be pulled off perfectly. Practice makes perfect.

  • Let's play hopscotch!

I can't think of a better way to describe Evie's little girly pathetic hop that you have to use as a poor excuse for a dodge, until level 24, other than a hop scotch move = D Fortunately for you, this hop actually serves a nice little purpose after acquiring Blink. When carefully timed you can perform a Blink at the VERY END of Evie's hop animation. This will net you some extra distance on your Blink skill, which can prove really helpful against bosses that a long reach.

  • Don't Spooge on it

A lot of people can't wait to bust a nut and bring their lil white spoogey buddy out to play, but this isn't alway a good idea. Your wisp isn't even a half decent tank at max rank and many times can make a bosses attacks become unpredictable, which could land you dead. Only summon ur lil bro when you ABSOLUTELY can't get into an attack rhythm on a boss. Bosses that have fast long ranged attacks usually fall under this category.

  • Get in and get out

This could technically go with setting your attacks up from a distance, but it's really worthy of a category of it's own. After you've planted your evil inside of an enemy with your Mark of Death or Bloody Thread, then make like a tree and piss off. Ok, that was a lame Boondock Saints reference, but you get the idea. There's no reason to stand around and snap your fingers right next to a boss. Explode your evil from safe distance, rinse and repeat.

  • Flow of Darkness

Evie's attacks are fairly slow to begin with and have an awkward rhythm about them. In order to do max damage, you need to be vigilant and pay attention to the boss at all times. If you notice that a boss is about to fall down for a moment, then start your attack ahead of time. Doing so will allow you to perform a double snap. In order to double snap, you will first need to setup your first snap finish. Once you're ready to execute the snap, hit the R button and IMMEDIATELY after you see the first glimpse of the snap finisher damage animation, begin attacking again and execute another smash and snap finisher. If done correctly, you can squeeze two snaps off before the boss gets up and starts attacking again.

  • Quakes of Lightning

Abuse the fact that your LLR Hell Quake smash attack has a super fast recovery time. You can almost interrupt it and blink, it's that fast. If you have a boss that moves quickly and doesn't stay still long enough to mark him with a snap move, then using quake and blink together will more than likely be your best way to hit him until one of your attacks knock him down and allow you to plant a snap move on him. Never neglect to abuse hell quakes distance and recovery speed.

  • I went insane and forgot

Since we don't currently have a damaging SP skill to use right now, we often forget about our Insane reaper buff. The buff is very beneficial to you AND your party, so make sure to cast it as often as you can in a boss battle and even when your sp gauge has filled on the way to the boss. Scythe Evie kills trash mobs like nuts and gains a ton SP on her way to take on the boss, so it's not a bad idea to let at least one insane reaper off in battles that take several sections to clear before reaching the boss. Just don't forget to use it. I see so many Evie's forgetting about it...

  • From the back

This is one is fairly common sense, yet I still see Evie's making this easy mistake. AVOID attacking a boss head on. You're not Karok for gods sake! Evie's a fragile rose with some super sharp thorns, she isn't a beefy tank like Karok or agile dodger like Lann. Always make sure you're attacking from the safest angle possible when you approach a boss with a special delivery smash attack. Most bosses backs or sides are the safest place to be when executing your combos. Staying safe = staying alive.

That's about all I can think Of for now. This guide will be updated as new content and strategies are discovered. Thanks for reading through it. Now go out and kick some Vindictus ass!