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Vindictus allow to create screenshot.

How to take a screenshot[edit | edit source]

You have two options:

Using the button at the keyboard[edit | edit source]

You can take a screenshot of the game using the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard.
This method is faster and easier then second method.

Using the ingame button[edit | edit source]

If you don't want use from some reason keyboard key to take a screenshot, you can use the ingame button.
At the game is a few buttons, that you save screenshot.

At Menu[edit | edit source]

You can take a screenshot, when you opening the Menu and then click on the button Screenshot.

After Dungeon[edit | edit source]

After dungeon you can also save all epic sceneries, which game offer to you. That button is located at the right side of the battle cleared window.

If you want to do some epic screenshot, you can use button called Screenshot Mode for more option.

Where is my screenshot stored[edit | edit source]

Your screenshot is stored like the Capture Video in your documents. More precisely to the Documents/Vindictus/Screen shot.

Examples of screenshots[edit | edit source]