Royal Cadet Gloves (2 days)

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Royal Cadet Boots.png
Royal Cadet Boots (2 days)
Cloth Armor, Gloves Sell Price: 0 Gold (Icon).png
1 stones
Expires in: 2 days

Defense +253
Intelligence +105
Willpower +11
Critical Resistance +9

Restriction (Icon).png Only for Evie.

Part of a Royal Academy cadet leader's uniform. The
elaborate detaling gives cadet leaders a stately
limited time.
Cannot be used after it expires.

Untradeable (Icon).png This item cannot be traded.
Untradeable (Icon).png This item can not be enchanted.
How to Obtain

How to Obtain Unknown

- Note: Appearance Tabs shared with Royal Cadet Gloves.
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Royal Cadet Gloves (View 2).png
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