Royal Army: Rumors of the Frost

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Royal Army: Rumors of the Frost Req. Level: 20
Kirstie (NPC).png Kirstie (NPC).png
Starts with Kirstie Ends with Kirstie
Steps to Completing:
1. Talk to Kirstie.
2. Complete Battle Quest Frosted Omen.
3. Talk to Kirstie.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 10,000 Gold (Icon).png 12,500 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png
Story Dialogue
Kirstie is looking for you. Meet her at the Traveler's Shop.

Talk to Kirstie.

Kirstie (NPC Icon).png Kirstie

There's something weird going on at Hoarfrost Hollow.

The animals in the area seem spooked. It's almost like
something is driving them out of their homes.

Some of the hunters have reported a giant bear stalking
around, but you know how they like to exaggerate.

I can't help but feel a little worried, though. We can't
ignore a dangerous wild animal living so close to town.

Could you go take a look? I'd trust your eyes more than
some glory-hunting old-timer looking to impress his friends.

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You received information on Battle: Frosted Omen.
Kirstie (NPC Icon).png Kirstie

Head out to the area where they spotted the so-called
"giant" bear.

I'm sure it's not as bad as they say, but <Miri>?
Don't go alone.

Enter Battle Quest Frosted Omen and report back on the


Kirstie (NPC Icon).png Kirstie

I'm glad you made it back in one piece. Did you find the bear?
It was tiny, wasn't it?

(You tell her about the bear and the Holy Artifact.)
It was real?!

Are you sure you aren't just making this up to impress me?
Well, I guess you do look pretty ragged.

But how could a bear grow to be so enormous on its own,

This artifact must have some sort of power that caused it to
grow as large as it did. That poor thing.

We'd better keep this thing locked away somewhere safe.
There's no telling what other powers it has.

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You have completed the story: Royal Army: Rumors of the Frost.
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Reward: You received 12,500 EXP.
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Reward: You received 10,000 gold