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A Roll is a mechanism that allows Lanns, Fionas, and Crossgun Kais to roll on the ground to escape danger. It is not referring to Rank 9 Standing Endurance.

Mechanism[edit | edit source]

Lann's Twin Spears' Spear Dash is a roll. Has a 0.3 second base invulnerability frame which occurs at the later part of the animation, right when Lann lifts his feet off the ground. The invulnerability frame can be increased up to 0.66 at Rank 6. Their roll also doubles as a frail smash attack, allowing them to perform Gliding Fury if a Critical Hit is scored. Can prematurely cancel out of Grand Hurricane. Costs 15 stamina but decreases at higher ranks.

Fiona's roll allows her to roll away and/or through mobs impossible to normally walk through. No damage is delivered, is slightly slower, has no invulnerability frames, travels a shorter distance and decreases her hitbox size. Costs 10-14 stamina.

Crossgun Kai's roll is even longer than Spear Dash and has longer and easier-to-time invulnerability frames. However, it cannot be chained as quickly. Can link to a Spin Smash. Also unlike Spear Dash, pressing Dodge without pressing any movement keys cause Kai to roll backwards instead of forwards. Costs 16 stamina.

Use[edit | edit source]

Mouse: Dodge (Space bar)

Keyboard: Dodge (A)