Reilly's Toy

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Reilly's Toy Req. Level: 59
Brynn (NPC).png Brynn (NPC).png
Starts with Brynn Ends with Brynn
Steps to Completing:
1. Talk to Brynn at the Magic Laboratory.
2. Complete Battle Quest The Secret.
3. Talk to Brynn at the Magic Laboratory.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 5000 Gold (Icon).png 112100 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png
Stories Unlocked:

Story Dialogue
Talk to Brynn at Colhen.
Reilly (NPC Icon).png Reilly

Brynn, I want one.

So, make one for me.

Brynn (NPC Icon).png Brynn

No. I have no desire to.

Reilly (NPC Icon).png Reilly

Make me one!

(Reilly sticks out his tongue at Brynn.)
You're so rude, you big meanie!

(You meet Reilly's gaze.)

Reilly (NPC Icon).png Reilly

Hey, it's my bestest friend!
Just in time, just in time.
There's a toy I'd really, really like,
but SOMEONE is too mean to make one.
But if YOU make me one, I'll let you
play with it. Isn't that a great deal? Eh? Eh?

Brynn (NPC Icon).png Brynn

There's no way <Lann> can make it.

Reilly (NPC Icon).png Reilly

Was that the wind? I don't hear anything!
Friend, I know you can do it!
All you need are the materials.
Bring the parts back. Okay?
Heehee. You're my best friend, remember!

Brynn (NPC Icon).png Brynn

Fine, FINE!
If it's the only way I can have some peace...
But I need some information, first.
Find out the basic mechanics of the thing.
If you can explain it's basic workings,
I'll make one
Learn the operating principles of the
Flamethrower from the Weapons Expert.

Closely inspect Flambe's Flamethrower in Battle Quest The Secret.

[Dialogue moves to next section after completing the battle quest.]

Tell Brynn that you now know the how strong the Flamethrower is.
Brynn (NPC Icon).png Brynn

(Brynn sniffs the air.)
Is Aislinn barbecuing again...?
(He notices you standing in the doorway.
He bursts out laughing.)
Goddess above, look at you.
You must've gotten a VERY good look, then.
But on to business. Explain it to me.
How does that thing operate?
(You describe the Flamethrower in great detail.)
Oil tank carried on the back?
That means ignition occurs at the front...
I see, I see.
I think I know how to make one.

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You learned the Story: Firework Launcher.