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Raids are special battles that are harder than normal, but allow larger party sizes. Each features boss battles that are much more difficult than other boss battles available at the same level.

Battles that are classified as raids are easy to identify: on the Battles page, the word "raid" will appear next to the battle's name in a red box.

Fishing battles are labeled as raids, likely because a fishing boat can hold more than the standard party size of four. However, they share nothing else in common with the other raids.

All Raids from Perilous Ruins to Hilder Forest Ruins can be done on Normal Difficulty, Hard Difficulty and Hero Difficulty. All Raids from Fomorian Base to Albey can be done on Normal Difficulty or Hard Difficulty. Unknown Area and Heide Raids are Hard Difficulty only.

How Raids are Different[edit | edit source]

  • Raids allow more than four players. Exact number of players varies by battle.
  • Bosses are, in general, tougher, stronger, harder to stun, and harder to block.
  • Dungeons leading up to the boss battle are much shorter. Some raids simply start with the final boss battle (such as White Tyrant's Challenge).
  • AP rewards are higher, and the minimum AP one can earn from a raid is higher than that of a normal battle.

List of Raids[edit | edit source]

Perilous Ruins[edit | edit source]

Hoarfrost Hollow[edit | edit source]

Ainle[edit | edit source]

Ruins of Sanctity[edit | edit source]

Hoarfrost Depths[edit | edit source]

Hilder Forest Ruins[edit | edit source]

Fomorian Base[edit | edit source]

Sewers[edit | edit source]

Ortel Castle[edit | edit source]

Catacombs[edit | edit source]

Albey[edit | edit source]

Unknown Area[edit | edit source]

Heide[edit | edit source]

All raids in game[edit | edit source]

If you want to show all raids in the game, you can visit this page. In this category you can discover all raids from season 1 to season 3.