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Radiance Tab.png
Brynn (Battle Icon).png
He was once a man of influence, but not so much now.
* The Shining One raid battle can only be completed once a day.
Battle Name Radiance Raid.png
Mission Defeat Lugh Lamhfada (*P)
Difficulty Lv. 90 and above
Leads to
Location Ben Chenner Summit

This battle has no limit to attack power.

Fatigue Cost: None
Quick Battle Requirements
Power: 0 Technique: 0 Counterforce: 0
62,400 Gold 1,249,400 Experience (Icon).png →50 Ability Point (Icon).png
Battle Limit Max Party Size 4 players
Appearance Season 3 Time Limit 60 minutes
Mid Boss(es) None End Boss(es) Lugh Lamhfada

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest given by: Brynn
Related quests: [[]]

Monsters[edit | edit source]

End Boss

Missions[edit | edit source]

Main Mission[edit | edit source]

Battle Points Gained Mission Requirement Gold Gained Experience Gained AP Gained
120 Defeat Lugh Lamhfada (*P) 62,400 Gold (Icon).png 1,249,400 Experience (Icon).png 50 Ability Point (Icon).png

Bonus Missions[edit | edit source]

Battle Points Gained Mission Requirement Gold Gained
Destroy a part of Lugh Lamhfada Gold (Icon).png
Equipment destroyed < 5 times Gold (Icon).png

Oath of Honor[edit | edit source]

Battle Points Gained Mission Requirement Experience Gained
Win within 10 min Experience (Icon).png
Win with 6 or fewer players Experience (Icon).png
Win without repairing your armor Experience (Icon).png

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Dianann Dianann (NPC Icon).png

{{#ask: Unlock battle::Radiance Crafted by:Dianann

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Maps[edit | edit source]

Radiance In Game Images[edit | edit source]

RadianceInGame1.jpg RadianceInGame2.jpg

Walkthrough[edit | edit source]