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Battle in Quick Battle Window[edit | edit source]

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Quick Battle.png

At the right you have example how can Quick Battle looks like. This window is captured at high level, so the dungeons displayed on is can be different.

Detail documentation[edit | edit source]

If you look closely, at left you can see a star. That star is colored yellow if you have the dungeon have in favorites.
Then you can see Season level. From season 1 to 3.
Then there is a name of the dungeon, the dungeon have the same names also if you are at the Battle Preparation.
The final think what you have at the dungeon is Party. That signalize how many parties are created. If is not created you can create own.

Special icons[edit | edit source]

Quick Battle Story Tab.png - That icon indicates the Main Mission Line.
Quick Battle Sub Story Tab.png - That icon indicates the Sub Mission.
Quick Battle Event Tab.png - That icon indicates some special Event.
Quick Battle Raid Tab.png - That icon indicates the Raid.

Also exist Today icon which indicates AP bonus.

Filter[edit | edit source]

You can also use filter that you can choose which session you want. Or if you want only raids or something that.