Protecting Investments

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Protecting Investments Req. Level: 58
Dolores (NPC).png Blawynn (NPC).png
Starts with Dolores Ends with Blawynn
Steps to Completing:
1. Talk to Dolores at the Dormitory.
2. Talk to Blawynn at the Dormitory.
3. Talk to Jarlath at the Magician's Guild.
4. Obtain Dolomite Fragment in Battle Quest Rocky Wilderness.
5. Talk to Jarlath at the Magician's Guild.
6. Talk to Blawynn at the Dormitory.
Chest (Icon).pngReward 45000 Gold (Icon).png 112100 Experience (Icon).png 0 Ability Point (Icon).png
Stories Unlocked:

Story Dialogue
Talk to Dolores at the Dormitory.
Dolores (NPC Icon).png Dolores

Here, take a look at this.

Protecting Investments.png
Dolores (NPC Icon).png Dolores

So pretty, isn't it?
I've...seen something that looks like this.

Blawynn (NPC Icon).png Blawynn

No, Dolores! I told you this was confiscated
by the Royal Army.

You can't play with it like that!

Dolores (NPC Icon).png Dolores


Blawynn (NPC Icon).png Blawynn

Look, I'm sorry.
If I had another one, I'd give it to you.

But we already reported this one,
so I really have no choice.

Do you want me to get you something else?

Dolores (NPC Icon).png Dolores

Oh, no, no need.
It's pretty.

If that worries you, I won't touch it.

Sorry. Heehee.

Blawynn (NPC Icon).png Blawynn


Blawynn has something to say. Go talk to Blawynn.
Blawynn (NPC Icon).png Blawynn

Sorry, <Evie>, but I was wondering...
Can you get me some of that dolomite?

You know, the stuff Dolores was messing with?
I rarely see Dolores get so excited these days...

I know it's probably not a good idea,
but I would like to get her some if possible.

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You discovered the title: Snow White.
Blawynn (NPC Icon).png Blawynn

To be honest, this is a replica, and the lord
has forbidden tampering with it.

You can ask Jarlath at the
Magician's Guild how to obtain one.

This was originally his.

Go ask Jarlath of the Magician's Guild about dolomite.
Jarlath (NPC Icon).png Jarlath

Ah, I was wondering who's fouling up my room,
and, of course, it's you.

So what is it this time?

(You explain your interest in dolomite.)

Well, the Royal Army took my replica.
That's all you're going to find.

The truth is, dolomite is a very rare
and precious gem.

The name comes from an older dialect, referring to
its resemblance to a white cloud.

It's also known as white snow stone, since people
were saying this stone could only be found in snow.

Of course, you can't really find any nowadays.
Only replicas...

They're of such high quality, you can hardly
distinguish the fake ones from the real ones.

I once knew the technique...I could
potentially make another.

However, you do need a dolomite fragment.
A real one.

They're not as rare as the whole gem,
so you should be able to find one.

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You received information on Battle: Rocky Wilderness.
Jarlath (NPC Icon).png Jarlath

This palce used to be famous as the home of dolomite.
But only the fragments are found nowadays.

You can still find fragments there, I believe.
Bring me a fragment, and I'll make the replica.

But watch yourself. That place was once full of
humans, but Fomors have taken over now.

Find Dolomite Fragment in Battle Quest Rocky Wilderness and bring it to Jarlath.
Jarlath (NPC Icon).png Jarlath

Oh, you just missed all the excitement.

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Delivered [[Dolomite Fragment|Dolomite Fragment]]
Jarlath (NPC Icon).png Jarlath

Maybe confiscating the replica wasn't enough.
Soldiers just came and took my recipe books, too.

Now I can't make you anything!
Whoever asked you for this is going to be sad.

Deliver the news to Blawynn at the Dormitory.
Blawynn (NPC Icon).png Blawynn

You heard it from Jarlath, I guess.
It's all true.

The lord gave an order to confiscate the
replica, as well as the recipe books.

The lord said the value of a precious item
should be maintained
, and completely banned replicas.

I agree with him in principle.

(Blawynn looks at Dolores.)

Dolores (NPC Icon).png Dolores


(Without knowning why Blawynn's looking at her,
Dolores smiles back at Blawynn.)

Blawynn (NPC Icon).png Blawynn

Dolores liked it so much...
Isn't there anything I can give her?

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You learned the Story: Confiscation Orders.
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You learned the Story: Value of a Gift.