Princess of the Desert

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Princess of the Desert Tab.png
Scroll (Battle Icon).png
Princess Iset remains in the dark side of the Twilight Desert.
* Only one victory in the Raid Battle "The Princess of the Desert" allowed per day.
Battle Name Princess of the Desert Raid.png
Mission Defeat Iset (*P)
Difficulty Lv.50 - 69 & Lv.70 - 80
Leads to
Location Twilight Desert
7,100 Gold (Icon).png 351,000 Experience (Icon).png 50→? Ability Point (Icon).png
Battle Limit 1 Max Party Size 8 players
Appearance Season 2 Time Limit 60 minutes
Mid Boss(es) None End Boss(es) Iset

Quests[edit | edit source]

Quest given by:
Related quests:

Monsters[edit | edit source]

End Boss

Missions[edit | edit source]

Bonus Missions[edit | edit source]

Battle Points Gained Mission Requirement Gold Gained
Lv.50 - 69 Lv.70 - 80
20 Equipment destroyed < 5 times 5,800 Gold (Icon).png
30 Destroy 3 Guardians by kicking them. 5,800 Gold (Icon).png
50 Obtain a Desert Sand Rose. 6,300 Gold (Icon).png

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Esyllt Esyllt (NPC Icon).png
Heremon Bastard Sword.png
Heremon Bastard Sword
Heremon Battle Pillar.png
Heremon Battle Pillar
Heremon Bow.png
Heremon Bow
Heremon Cestus.png
Heremon Cestus
Heremon Cross Gun.png
Heremon Cross Gun
Heremon Glaive.png
Heremon Glaive
Heremon Greatsword.png
Heremon Greatsword
Heremon Hammer.png
Heremon Hammer
Heremon Large Shield.png
Heremon Large Shield
Heremon Longsword.png
Heremon Longsword
Heremon Phantom Dagger.png
Heremon Phantom Dagger
Heremon Scythe.png
Heremon Scythe
Heremon Small Shield.png
Heremon Small Shield
Heremon Longblade.png
Heremon Spellsword
Heremon Staff.png
Heremon Staff
Heremon Twin Chainblades.png
Heremon Twin Chainblades
Heremon Twin Spears.png
Heremon Twin Spears
Heremon Twin Swords.png
Heremon Twin Swords